What Happens When You Hit Rock Bottom

There is not one of us that could not be affected by the tides of life. Life is made up of seasons. Sometimes things are great. Sometimes things may not be. Any of us could reach that lowest point and think this is the end. The pain could be overwhelming and more, desperation, fear and anxiety could set in.

It is a scary world for certain people as they set out to attain those things they desire. Really none of us knows how tomorrow will be. This is what happens when you hit rock bottom.

You know who you really are

Circumstances have a way of revealing the man/woman to himself. Uncertainties and failures could make us tremble and cower. How we respond or react to such terrible situations could be what defines us at the end of the day. Are you smart, tenacious and mentally tough? How you respond to the tough times will help you comprehend these truths.

You know what failure means

Failure is not a nice thing. Very few would want to attach themselves to anything that represents failure. As they say success as many friends.

You know those who matter to you

Not everyone matters. You need to know the right people required for your growth. And the right people are meant to be your pillar during tough times. They should be there for you and should be help you sail out of any difficulty you go through. And what if there is no one there for you? You may need to be your best support at this crucial time.

It either breaks you or it builds you

Tough times never last. However tough times could either make you a stronger person or it destroys you. It is left for you to choose. Do you want to be broken or do you want to embrace your challenges and soar out of them? How mentally disciplined you are could be what protects you during such difficult times.

It helps to redefine your priorities

You can evaluate your priorities and recognize those things that are most important to you. Of course, your value is tested, your security and ideas are tested. But in the end what matters to you will be revealed.

Those things that matter may not be your possessions or relationships. In life, we tend to attach ourselves to a lot of vain things. What matters could be your peace of mind, your sustenance and beliefs for tomorrow.

Optimism is all you need

This is not the time to fear. This is not the time to look back at your mistakes or what you may have done right. Look ahead, live every moment and know that tomorrow has all the answers you need.

It helps you make those hard choices

Yes, you are torn between where you are right now and where you want to be. It is either you do what is right and fix it which is hard or you continue to swim in that pool of failure or depression.

You will win

There is no need to fear or cower. There is no need to throw in the towel or think this is the end. There is no need to accept defeat. There is no need to lean on desperation or anxiety. Time has a way of healing and fixing things. You will win if you stick around. You will win if you respond rather than react to the situation. Even if your body or health seems very frail, you need your mind to help you keep going. And somewhere in between, you will find the peace that can help you find your way back to that victory from within.