6 Fears That Hold Us Back From Living Our Best Lives

We are all scared of something. There is always something that could be holding us back or taking us on a different direction. I met a man who was scared of getting old. It held him back from living the best life. Fear can either be shallow or deep, it can either take you forward or backward. But fear shouldn’t be something negative, it should drive you to live the best life possible, it should help you win. Recognizing your fears and setting them on fire could mean everything to your future. Here are some fears that could be holding you back from living your best life.

The fear of letting go

You don’t know what will happen if you walk away from that dead-end job or relationship that is keeping you hurt. You know you deserve better but you really do not know how to attain it. You really do not know how to handle and take charge of your future. Sometimes conquering that fear of letting go could lead you to the most exhilarating future you deserve.

The fear of failing

The idea of failing deters people from trying something new, from going out on a hunt. They simply don’t want to be rejected and considered a failure. But to excel or succeed you may need to fail a lot of times.

The fear of the unknown

As humans, we really do not know how tomorrow will become. We really are uncertain about outcomes. We really wish we knew more and could do more. This sort of fear leads to procrastination and taking action.

The fear of change

Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, things will change. Nothing is for sure in a rapidly changing world. Many people fear change, but to win and to live the best life possible you have to either be a master of change or become a victim of it. You don’t have to be stagnated, learn to embrace change and the many opportunities that come with it in life.

The fear of not being good enough

You just may not be good enough. All those doubts won’t yield to nothing anyways. You have to believe in yourself and be certain of what you can deliver to really take the future you deserve. I have seen many people pass on opportunities for promotion and leadership because they feel inadequate to deliver. You don’t have to feel inadequate or try to overcompensate your fears by trying to be a perfectionist. You have all it takes and you shouldn’t be plagued by thoughts that you don’t measure up to other people.


The fear of something bad happening

Take a chill pill, there will always be bad things happening in life. Life is unfair and bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people. But you don’t have to be consumed by such fears. The inevitability will always be there, but there is so much beauty on the other side if you can ignore that voice that tries to restrict your activities. Such fears can also be unrealistic most times. Most times your fears do not bear fruit as things could always work out for the best.



It is okay to have your fears. You are human after all, and it all comes with the imperfect terrain. But letting those fears limit you or hold you back is what you should fight against. How you respond to your fears could be what determines if you are willing to live your best life or not.