What Happens In The Divide

These are tough times to be in a relationship. These are tough times to build your relationship. Why? There are so many distractions. Technology and the availability of quick options. It is so difficult to fight and stick for someone who is not giving you what you want. It looks cheaper to simply look elsewhere.

However, who do we hurt in the process? The men would want to stick for their fellow men, the women would want to back other women. So, who is wrong? To make the most out of any relationship you have to focus on the divide.

There is always a middle line. There is always that place of compromise. While you may want so much from the other person, have you ever tried to understand their point of view? Do you know how tough it is for them to be the man or woman you desire?

So many questions, so many thoughts that could be running through our mind when it all fails. However, it all starts with taking responsibility. You definitely owe it to yourself to be happy. Rather than jumping from one relationship to another or taking sides, it may be more important to focus on yourself. Thus, you can comprehend that you really do not need anyone to validate your point, perspective or truths.

It is a tough world out there. Not everyone was nurtured or raised in the same environment as you. We all may be going through our nightmares and tribulations. So we seek for a solace in someone else’s arms. Yes we seek companionship, affection and warmth. Also we seek what we may not be able to give.

Instead of asking this or that from someone else, ask yourself the right questions. What could you do to be a better boyfriend, father, husband or lover? What is missing from your “ideal relationship.” Is it something another person can give to you? Never get lost in the drama or razzmatazz. Only you can give yourself what you want.

It always helps to be clear about your expectations. You may be scared to lose that special one, but if they really cared there would always be a middle point.

All along this blog has been about relationships, happiness and success in life. These are elements that poses a big challenge for many. But it is possible to be happy and have a love/life/career balance. Don’t be weary, you may need to push harder for what you want. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes passion and desire to find what you seek. I would love some feedback, let us know how this blog has helped you or how it can?