20 Life Lessons You Must Have Learned in Your 20s

The 20s is such a pivotal point in your life. You have so much energy, passion and exuberance. You really think you can take on the world and do almost anything. However your 20s, because of the little experience you possess in life could be marred with mistakes. Here are 20 life lessons you must have learned in your 20s.


  1. Not everyone is meant to stay. You will build relationships that are fickle and ephemeral. It takes time to build solid and quality relationships, and the 20s may be about discovering what makes you tick rather than evaluating your relationships.


  1. You are on a transition, you really shouldn’t be bother about your goals yet because one situation could change your outlook on life and send you on a different path, a different journey.


  1. Live. Travel. Meet people. You may not have so much time and energy to have for these activities later on in life. At this point you may be single and on a journey to find out who you really are.


  1. Appreciate. You may think you know it all. But a simple “thank you,” or “sorry” could help refine your attitude and make you find what you seek.


  1. It is always better to listen more. You really don’t know so much yet. You would get smarter with time, and listening helps you find wisdom in pretty unusual places.


  1. Not everyone will always be there for you. Your uncles, aunts, even your parents slowly backpedal and leave you to driver’s seat.


  1. Dress nice. Be punctual. Be observant. You should learn to respect people’s time, energy and resources.


  1. Take some risks, but slowly you will learn why it is important to take calculated risks.


  1. There is time. Forget what the media preaches, there is time. Better to focus on being consistent and reaching your goals steadily. You really don’t learn or attain much when you rush things.


  1. Believe in yourself. You are the best person to sell you.


  1. Accommodate. Tolerate. Learn to adapt to the world around you.


  1. Knowledge is out there. There is so much you would learn after leaving college or the university. From improving your mindset to personal development, you understand there is more to life than your grades or degrees.


13. Get spiritual. Slowly you have to believe in something. You could be an atheist, or scientologist, but at least believe in       something and have a mind of your own.


  1. Be willing to improve. You will make mistakes. But grow and be willing to learn from them.


  1. there is so much waiting. It is too early to have the perfect relationship, career or life.


  1. You shouldn’t be too serious. This is the time to appreciate your me-time. Relax and live a little.


  1. Prioritize. Not everything is important to your growth or development.


  1. You will figure it out. Not everything will be clear at first but somehow you will get smarter and figure it out.


  1. Never compare yourself to others. You are on your own race. Your own battles, your own truths. A lot of people will act as if they care, but they really don’t.


  1. Your happiness is dependent on only you.