You Don’t Always Have To Be In Control

Unfortunately, you don’t always have to be. For some of us staying and being in control is what makes us tick. It is what defines us and could be what signals as our strength. Ceding and letting go could be so hard to practice, especially when it comes to business and love.

Perhaps we are protecting our ego. Perhaps we are protecting our aspirations. But there is so much we wouldn’t know or start knowing until we have the strength to let go of certain things in life.

You don’t always have to be on top, you don’t always have to dominate. It may seem right at first but eventually it becomes a weakness and so many things could become overwhelming and punishing. Life should be lived, enjoyed, and taken in each stride.

There are things that are simply out of your control

It could be that you have to stuck in traffic. It could be that the weather doesn’t favor your hustle for the day, it could be that your neighbors just get on your nerve. From family behavior to work objectives, there are certain things that would be out of your control. And rather than become a victim of such situations, learn to deal with how you respond.

There is always growth when you let go

It is never a mistake, there is learning and discovery waiting on the other side of that stream after you let go. You may think it is a weakness or want to be in loop when it comes to eventualities, but sometimes what you don’t know could signal growth. You don’t have to know everything. Being selective about what you know and don’t know is a sort of learning on its own.

There is less stress after all

You can invest your energy, time and resources in those things that you are really great at after letting go. You have enough time to improve and enjoy the amazing things of life that surround you. Life can be a stressful and anxious place, why become a victim of so many drama and stones life will throw at you?

Life is not so serious a place

You can’t be too serious with everything if you want to be happy. There are a lot of vain things that consume our time and resources. It is smarter to have an optimistic and cheerful outlook on life rather than a stern and vicious one.

Good things take time

Whether in love or in business, good things take time. Letting go or ceding control is an indication that you want time to help uncover a lot of truths and accomplishments. You should be willing to take a step back and watch how things unfold rather than trying to be in the center of every situation. Thus, you avoid being petty and can truly be a master of outcomes.