Sometimes Fear Is a Good Thing

Only two emotions – love and fear. However, it is easier to pick the former. It is easier to lead a life of safety and being in the comfort zone. While fear could lead to hate, it could sometimes lead to love and to strength. Those who are courageous don’t bow because they aren’t afraid, they somehow found a way to conquer fear, to turn their worries into enthusiasm.

And perhaps this is what you need when you meet adversities and challenges. It is not about bowing out. It is about embracing it. Understanding thyself and using your willpower to rise above the situations you are up against.

This is why fear is a good thing.

It is all about survival

Humans as higher animals have a survival instinct. No one wants to die or be in a terrible situation. Perhaps this is what triggers our desire to exist and be socially accepted. Fear can be a good thing if you understand why you have to use it as a guide. Better to be safer than sorry right. More caution could save you a lot of trauma at the end of the day.

It is all about growth

It is so comforting to stay in our comfort zone. It can be pretty terrifying to expand and embark on personal growth. The vulnerability of being more loving or successful can cause unease after all. However, with fear you can investigate a matter more closely and use it as a guidance to either flee or break new barriers.

It makes you realize your flaws and strengths

There are always circumstances and situations beyond our control. No matter how fearless and daring we are unfortunate incidents could happen. Of course, we may want to ride on luck every now and then. But that could be a big gamble. It could certainly down to how far we can realize our limitations and push ourselves to soar.

It is all about awareness

No one wants to lose that special person. No one wants to lose that special spot. No one wants to be pushed aside after working so hard to attain something. So it comes down to how aware you are and how you can maneuver difficult situations.

It is all about perseverance

Fear is good if you know you are in it for the long term. You shouldn’t be in it for the short run. You need to persevere. Even when you fear, how determined and hard you push could be what keeps you in the race to win. Fear lets you know why it matters to you and how you can adjust to eventually acquire what you seek.

It is all vain

It may be worth it. It may not be worth it. Not everything matters and should cause us anxiety or fear. In conclusion, it is not fear in itself that is the problem. It is how we respond or react to it that matters. We could either make our fears a friend or an enemy.


Fear should be seen as something desirable. By embracing it, we won’t be paralyzed by it but can use as a pivot to attaining all those things we truly desire.