4 Ways To Keep Going When You Have Zero Motivation

This is the eighth month of the year 2018. It’s been a trying year for me and for most people around me. I know because that’s all they talk about. All they discuss is how certain plans have flopped and the economy. It’s almost like they are tied to a spot. Life is as though no matter how you go through the tunnel, the light just doesn’t seem any closer.

It’s a hard world. But that’s no excuse. You and I, we are extremely hard people. So no matter how hard the circumstances push us, we don’t fall: we stand and push back.

We all get to that point where there is no reason to keep working on our projects. We just want to pick it up and throw it into the garbage. We lose every enthusiasm to move further. We can’t summon enough courage to take another step: no matter how tiny it is.

But it is exactly at this point that we have to get up, shake off those funny feelings and forge ahead.

Avoid working out of necessity

There are many people whose major driving forces are the basic necessities of life. They only work when their source of income is in jeopardy. You need to live above zero motivation. You shouldn’t only work to feed, clothe and shelter yourself. We should all aim to be above this point.

You can only be strong enough to keep going when you have an aspiration for something greater. There should be a great hunger for more. Not just for daily survival or immediate satisfaction. Don’t improve your life out of sheer necessity and don’t work only to exist.

You are much more than that.

Let go of your past

Our lives should be all about continuous growth: the capacity to move forward and to achieve greatness every single day.  Yesterday may be lost but you have a lot of tomorrows. You cannot hope to ever make progress with your life if you are holding on to things from your past.

All your mistakes and bad choices will do is rob you from reaching your full potential. By holding on to prior ideals: you will be self-sabotaging any progress you hope to make in the present and future.

If you must move ahead, you need to make peace with your past and learn to accept things the way they are even when it is hard for you.

Go back and put things into perspective

In that instant, you’re full of raw emotions and that makes you unpredictable. It is a point where you calm down and keep building or you destroy all your efforts in a split second.  Make no mistake because you are irritated and discouraged.

The temptation to bury all your hard work is highly probable. Before you do something you’ll regret later, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Take as much time as you need breathing deeply and focus on overcoming those negative emotions.

Live like You don’t have a choice

The way I see life is simple. It is actually a one-way street. When you are alive: you have to keep going. You can’t take a break from life and come back later. You can’t fold your arms and pretend your problems don’t exist. You can’t go to sleep and pray to wake up problem free.

The game of life is going to be played whether you feel like playing or not, so you better figure out a solution. Once you are alive you have one choice: you keep going with or without a motivation.

You’re still alive and you still have a chance to make things better.