5 Ways To Move On After You Meet Disappointments


Being disappointed is as painful as a heartbreak. It tears you up.

 It’s like you have built up a castle and just when you are about to announce yourself king and sit on your throne to begin your happy-ever-after, your magnificent castle comes crashing down on you.

That awful feeling in your stomach and the loss of appetite you are experiencing is all normal. You are not ill neither do you need an aspirin for your headache; you just need to take deep breaths and calm down.

 Your plans just hit a brick wall and you are human. You can’t expect to escape the sadness that being disappointed comes with. But there are so many things you can do to recover and get back on track. You can pick up right where you left off.

Don’t panic

That’s your first lesson. You have to be able to handle the situation the moment it hits you. You just found out your plans won’t play out the time you expected. You have to do everything possible in your power not to be completely knocked down by the punch.

Use all you’ve got to calm down.  It is actually the most important part of recovery because your first reaction determines how long it will take you to bounce back on your feet.

Express yourself

It is very essential that you express yourself because that helps take the pain and anger you feel out of you. Make sure you don’t keep to yourself. Avoid sad and depressing music or locations that make you feel pity for yourself.

It is not the end of the world so you shouldn’t just mop around or give up on your plans. Talk to people who motivate you. Go to your favourite places and do things that make you laugh. Be happy!

Don’t keep other plans on hold

For most people, they make the mistake of dropping all their plans simply because they were not successful in accomplishing the first few they worked on. That’s a loser mindset and you don’t need that kind of thinking if you want to succeed.

If one plan doesn’t go through the way you hoped, keep it aside and take up another project. Use the experience and skill you have acquired from the previous project and put in more effort in the current one. Do that over and over again till it works.

Remember, quitting is not an option even though success doesn’t come easy.

Move on with your life

That was just a minor setback, nothing more. It may seem as though you are done at the moment but you can’t allow yourself to give in to the situation. You have to rise above this disappointment.

There will be more funds to pursue and more proposals to submit which will be approved. You will have another opportunity to pitch your ideas to another set of investors and this time, they will be interested. You will have other competitions to show your talents. Don’t stay stagnant. Move on with your life.

There’s so much more to look forward to in tomorrow.


It’s funny how our plans can have so much certainty from afar and just when they are about to happen, they just puff and die. It’s just the irony of life.

We have to be ready for disappointments and the only way to do that is to have the right mindset. This will serve as your shock-absorber for you. It will keep you in good shape.  The truth is your success doesn’t depend on the assistance coming from just one person. It depends on you.