Read This If You Feel Like You Are Running Out Of Time

Time flies over us but leaves its gloom after us. It’s pretty scary to know how time flies. Time flies never to be recalled and never to be recovered –Nathaniel Hawthorne

That’s all bad news.

I mean no one wants to hear that he or she has less time to send on this planet. We all celebrate our birthdays and stay grateful that we are still alive but there is a sadness deep down that reminds us every single time we blow the candles on our cakes that we have less time than we had at our last birthdays.

It is heartbreaking to accept the fact that every morning we wake up to a new day: we don’t only lose the previous day but we will never relive yesterday again. We lose our past including all the opportunities that were in it and all the pain that it once brought. We can only recall the memories and experiences but we can’t undo a single day.

Time flies, whether you are wasting it or not. The bad news is time flies but the good news is you are the pilot of your time. Time is indisputably the greatest advantage one can ever acquire.

If you feel like you have lost so many days, you need to know that you can start making your days count today.  Right here and now: It is never too late as long as you are still breathing.

Figure out why you feel this way

The ultimate and real-time is in the mind. Time is thought. If you really want to save yours, it begins with your mind because your mind is the source of your thoughts.

It may be that you have never done anything on your own. All your life, you have only done as you have been told.

You need to find out what areas you really have interest in and while you are figuring that out, make sure no one influences you.

Fight procrastination with everything you’ve got

Procrastination has always been a thief of time. The fight battle you have to fight will be first with yourself. You have to always remind yourself that now is the time to do what you need to do.

The moment you postpone even if it is just the next day: you will keep postponing till the opportunity escapes you.

Start pursuing your dreams

One way to start retrieving lost time is to start pursuing your dreams and doing only what you are passionate about.  Do it even if it scares you; it is always rewarding afterward.

Draft out workable plans

Most people lose out on precious time because they act on impulse. There is usually no definite plan for any part of their lives. They don’t plan to invest their resources so there are no expectations either to gain or to lose. They don’t plan to go out of their comfort zones once in a while so they don’t even notice that they are stagnant.

Drafting out plans keep you in check. It tells you that you have lined up activities which you have to do. It constantly reminds you that you have goals to achieve so you are more conscious of how and where you spend most of your time.

Let go of any hindrance

There are many obstacles that stand in the way when we want to make good use of our time. They vary from person to person.  Such obstacles could be addictions or just bad habits that we may see as harmless. To get control of your life and use your time like you ought to; you will have to forego certain pleasures for the greater good.