This Is To The One I Will Die For

This is to my hero and my queen.

This is to my warrior. The one with the heart of stone: a heart so strong, nothing can break it. A heart that saw me through heavy trials and sudden swift falls. She is a soldier clothed with bravery. All she ever did was fight so I would lay my back at night. She is the one I will die for without blinking an eye.

Every bruise on her body and every tear that flowed down her cheek tell a story. A story with a beginning but not necessarily an end.

For though my life began with her, her life doesn’t end with mine. She lives on and on through the people I meet and those that my children will come across. She is everlasting and her influence is without seizing.

When my friends turned their backs and danger starred in my face, her smile was my source of peace and comfort. When the clouds of adversity grew thick around me, the fire in her eyes chased the darkness away.

Through her, I learnt what true love was and how to show it. I learnt to love the usual people and the unusual too.  Mama never showed a difference between folks.  Every human being had some good in them and it only takes love to get it out.

Those were her words and though she lived in a different world than I do now, those words were the truth that transcended generations.

She taught me to submit to authority but to still keep my throne as a princess. Pride will always come before a downfall and so I had to learn that there will be times when I had to be humble. There will be days that I had to lay low and act the fool. She taught me that there were battles to be lost so my wars would be won.

She is my general and commander. I will forever lift a sword in her honour.

My mother is a goddess, beautifully adorned in all her glory, seated with royalty far among the clouds. She did not have wings on her shoulders or the trumpets were blown to announce her appearance but she is an angel who shines so bright. She is heaven sent just for me.

My mother is my religion.

If there was ever a difference between wrong and right, good and evil, moral and immoral: my mother taught me. She didn’t have to wear a long white gown and carry a big cross on her chest to show me how to be holy.

She didn’t have to anoint my heard with oil to convince me that I am blessed and highly favoured.

She just pulled me and hugged me tight with her right arm after she spanked me with her left hand. Because of my mother, I learnt that to be lost doesn’t mean you couldn’t find your way.

She is my source of courage. She is the reason I am not broken though my back is constantly pushed against the wall. She is my pillar and my rock.

I didn’t have to burn incense on an altar to show her how sorry I was when I did wrong. I am her daughter and that was stronger and greater than any offense I would ever commit.

She taught me that blood was way thicker than water and that means family comes first above and beyond all else.

I owe her a great deal. My mother, I owe her a life: because she risked hers just so I could have mine.

This is to all the mothers. Without you, there will be no us!