5 Simple Steps To Give Your Self-Confidence A Boost

I remember watching a clip of one of the episodes of The Voice and wondering if I will ever be able to stand in the presence so many people and sing. I quickly reminded myself that I wouldn’t even have the balls to go for the auditions in the first place. Though a lot of people have told me occasionally that I can sing, anytime the thought of being out there pops up in my head, I discourage myself immediately.

For most people, that’s always the case. So many people think it is far better to be left unknown than to be given a shot at success.  But the plain truth is that’s the first bridge you have to cross before you can go anywhere. You have to take a step before you can keep walking.

Here’s how to get started;

Don’t just learn, master your field

I’m a believer in self-development. It doesn’t matter if you learn in a formal or informal setting: as long as you are gaining what you need, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. There are no odd hours for knowledge to be transferred neither must you always learn from a higher authority. You can learn from someone inferior or even a novice in the field.

Knowledge and skills are not limited to just one person, remember that! You can tweak a method and modify an ideology as long as it gives you the needed results.

The next time you make up your mind to learn something new, don’t just limit yourself to the bosses, explore all your options. It widens your perspective and it is so much more fun. Learn to be versatile and don’t forget to fuse in your ideas too.

Change your attitude

You need to have the right attitude to get the top else you will get stuck at the bottom. You can’t be timid and weak around your competitors.  The first impression you give has to be ruthless. You have to send a message that says you cannot be intimidated or manipulated.  I am not saying you have to be aggressive and intolerable, that will be bad for your outlook.

What you are required to build is an impenetrable front that sends destructive critics and bad –bloods away. You either go hard or go home.

Always expect rejection

Being rejected has a way of changing your mindset over time. If you are not careful you will get used to the idea that you are a failure. Do what Jia Jiang did when he was rejected by a potential investor. He decided to adapt to being rejected by desensitizing himself to rejection. How?

He went on a 100 days crazy request spree. Making crazy requests of people just so he can be rejected by them over and over again.

My advice: be comfortable with the idea of rejection but don’t let it hold you down.

Don’t buy your way through

This is a terrible mistake that many people have made and it has cost them more than money. Don’t invest in people who only care about how much you impress them. You simply cannot buy self-confidence. Of course, they will adore you and tell you how you are the World’s Greatest to take advantage of you. The moment you dry up, you lose your confidence as well.

Build a confidence that no one can take away. Invest in yourself and your work.

Change the people you show your work

Like I said earlier, you need one or two cheer-leaders around you to keep your morals high. They could be your friends or colleagues at work. You need people who will not throw your work out the window before they even analyze it.

They shouldn’t pamper you or lie to you but they should be enthusiastic about the ideas you have and supportive of your efforts. Those praises will help keep you out there for as long as you need.