4 Reasons Why Love Is Not Selfless Anymore

For those who have fallen in love before, you already know what I am about to say is true. As much as we all wish that love was as pure and selfless as it was in the good old days; it simply is not.

The stories our parents told us of how the crossed seven seas and seven mountains for love is nothing but a fantasy in our days. They voluntarily endured blistering winds and scorching deserts for love and they never felt regret for a second, actually they were willing to do more.

Right now, for the better population of those in love, such sacrifices can only be seen in movies and in dreams.

So why is love such a game now? Why do we have people playing tricks for benefits rather than the whole selfless feeling of happiness that comes with finding the one you love?  I’ll tell you why.

Too many broken hearts

It’s true what they say; once your heart is broken, it is never whole again.

Of course, that’s not to say you will not heal completely from the pain you felt when your heart was broken, you will. It just means that all that naivety on love leaves after the first heartbreak. You don’t plan it but you suddenly become self-conscious. Somehow, you are aware of the possibility of being heartbroken. Unlike the first time when you gave the whole of your heart without reservations; now you hold back a part of you because you don’t want to be caught off guard again.

Everything love offers is cheap now

There are so many kinds of relationships in existence right now. That is why it’s so hard to define love. You have open relationships, semi-open relationships, closed relationships, friends with benefits, bed buddies and the list goes on and on.

The amusing thing that all these relationships have in common is that they all claim to be in love. So the fun, the support system and affection that were only found in committed relationships are presently gotten in everywhere.  Sometimes, you don’t even need a relationship to get those benefits.

Obviously, there’s no need to work hard at building an exclusive relationship when you can get all you want with little effort.

Everyone is freaking materialistic

Love is no longer cheap. It has been commercialized for a while now. No, nothing good comes easy, especially love. The way I see it, you can’t be broke and expect to be loved unconditionally. You have to pay for everything you get. You have to pay for having a beautiful girl who is fat in all the right places at your table and trust me, those girls don’t come cheap.

You have to pay for hair and make-up and for a wardrobe change for every event. You may even have to pay for your lover’s company every night and on nights you want to get busy, the fee gets higher.

Anytime money is involved, there’s no way you can be selfless. You’ve gotta be a cold mean go-getter to get what you want.

It’s all about the moment

It’s all about the pleasure of the moment. When the lights go down and the music is loud; right there in the heat of the hour. That’s the moment everyone is concerned with, not the past. No one thinks of what will happen in the future: the next hour, the next day let alone the next year. If you don’t have what it takes now, no one thinks you will, ever.

There are only a few people who will sacrifice what they have to invest in you.  Nobody loves you now and for the future so don’t be deceived.

For the record, you are the only one who can love yourself selflessly.