7 Reasons Why A Perfect Relationship Doesn’t Stand A Chance

More often than never, we come across people who turn our lives around. Most times, when we fall in love, it changes us for the better, other times; it shakes us to our very core.

There may be no perfect relationships but there are people who are perfect for each other. This doesn’t mean that such relationships don’t experience hurdles, sure they do. They just decide to stick together, regardless! So don’t run away from the trying times; such moments amount to so much good.

Have a good fight

People who love each other fight too. They get angry and spend nights apart. They are not always cuddling and kissing. But even when they are at their worst, they still stay committed to each other. They say exactly how they feel regardless of how bad it sounds. This isn’t done to hurt the other person; it is so there are no hard feelings.  They know they will always find a way to sort things out. I’m not saying your relationship should be a wrestle mania match: I am saying don’t get scared of trashing things out once in a while. Clear the air as much as it is needed. It makes love stronger.

Let go of the wrong, hold tight to the right

Be sure to apologize when wrong and forgive each other, every single time. Keep no record of wrong, rather preserve the memories you’ve made together.

Ask every question

Of course, there are a lot of things about the person you love that may be confusing, so you are very much entitled to as much clarity as you need. Don’t stop asking until you are satisfied with the answers you get.

However, when you ask these questions, you also have to believe what you are told. You don’t just ask because you want to hear another lie or an excuse. You ask for the truth. It doesn’t matter if the response you get sounds funny or absurd. You stick to it.

 Communicate every feeling

When two people fall in love, they hope for the best even when they expect the worst sometimes. It is better you are known and loved for who you are than to be loved for who you are not.

You don’t go behind each other to express yourselves: you do that right in each other’s faces. It may not be in long continuous conversations. It may just be a few words as long as there is a solid and comprehensive communication.   That’s how love works: You talk, you listen and you make things work.

Learn to be sensitive to each other

There should be a sense of security that comes from just knowing you are loved. You should find comfort in knowing you have a true friend who will remain loyal to the end. Your life should be completely different and worthwhile. But that can only happen when you have a person who understands you. You shouldn’t be insensitive to each other’s needs. Whether it’s emotional, physical or psychological needs, you should always be ready to meet them.

Build love on principle

Build your relationship on your terms. Have core values that are important to you and stick to them. This will form a strong foundation and ensure you stick to each other. Stay enthusiastic about what they have built and be willing to do more. Finally, love is simple. It just has to do with a little appreciation and support.

Always be your imperfect self

Love has never thrived on perfection. It has always been a decision to stay and to share your life with a person in spite of every flaw.