5 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From the World Cup

It was an exhilarating world cup. Certain favorites to win were eliminated even in the first round. And so many spoilers as the tournament progress. While I may not be so much of a football person, or soccer person as my American friends call it, I can help but garner some high points from certain parts of the tournament.

First of, the winners were a French team that comprised of players from predominantly immigrant communities. And many of us who are actually Africans anywhere in the world or admirers of Africans would feel a sense of accomplishment.

It is never a one man show

Great players like Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and even Mo’ Salah couldn’t take their team past the second round. This is one simple lesson after all, it is never a one man show. Foot-ball is a team game and perhaps more similar to winning in life – you need the right people around you.


It is not always about luck

It is becoming more apparent that to excel in life and in everything you do, you surely need more than luck. Yes luck could play a role but perhaps you should look towards things such as determination, grit and discipline. With the introduction of Video Assistant Referees (VAR), more accurate decisions were made rather than simply relying on the mistakes or weaknesses of others. Such reliance on the famous “hand of God” may not have worked for a player like Diego Maradona in such times on their way to winning the World Cup in 1986.


There is no such thing as “fake-it-till-you make-it”

Character will always be longstanding. We live in a world where people fake it and lie their way to the top. Somehow this attitude has a way of coming back to haunt them. I really wish Neymar was a more decent player and stopped feigning injury, perhaps he could have contributed a whole lot more to the team. If you are out there to outlast and outmuscle competition you should know there is no substitute for hard work.


Forget the hype, let your actions do all the talking

Of course we had the star-studded German squad that looked like a team that will crush anything on their path. There was the Brazilian team with a Neymar and an Argentine team with a Messi, it all seemed that they were football gods that were designed to lift the world cup after all. But of-course you didn’t need the hype, why don’t you just let the results do the talking.

I have met people with good looks, huge earnings, and lovable eloquence who couldn’t deliver the results. There is more that comes to delivering results and sometimes you can be as calm and collected as South Korea or Japan and take a lot of competition to the cleaners when the game begins!


We always wanted France to win

This is for the ladies I guess. There was something artistic about the French national team. There is the sex appeal, the dancing, and of course some of their players have this symbol of strength and power. During a time when the movie Black Panther made over a billion dollars at the box office, you surely would admire the phrase – tall, dark and handsome. It comes to play here, especially if the men have a beautiful wallet. It is great France won the tournament, since their men are so drama free and ambitious also.