4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On The People You Love

First off, you should know that love is patient and kind. It keeps no record of wrong! Well, so says the Bible. I think that is what an ideal love should look like. It should be a reservoir of tolerance that never seizes to flow. It should be patience that never grows thin. That is what love should be in the actual sense. Though that is hardly what we get.

Yes, we all admit we want to be loved unconditionally but we aren’t always ready to love unconditionally first. It’s funny how we are always in love during the good and ready to quit when it’s no longer so easy. We are often quick to make promises that we are not sure we can keep.  So It is no wonder we have more people out of love than in it.

The irony, however, is there is so much love to go around. It simply doesn’t run out. There is so much that is broken that can be repaired if we just go an extra mile for someone in need.

No one says it’s gonna be easy. Occasionally, love gets tough. But isn’t that what love is? It can get heard sometimes and frustrating for a while but in the end, it is always worth it. It is always worth it to be that beam of hope keeping someone alive.

Someone else loved you that much too

I have two nephews and they are a lot of work: Hard work non-stop. Looking at their mother’s life before they arrived and after, there is been a major difference. She has completely stopped living her life for her. Everything she does is for them. She gets tired and discouraged from time to time but she says she has never been happier.

Take a moment to think about your mother’s love for you. It’s simply a miracle to say the least. For me, when I think about it, I simply can’t wrap my head around the fact that someone could be so dedicated to loving another human being no matter what happens.

Once in a while, you need to love someone else too, just as much as you love you, maybe even more.

Change is always possible

There are difficult people in this world who we really want to change.

There are persons you know for sure that have great potential. They could be far better than the people they are now if they develop themselves more. You may have tried all you can to show them what they are capable of, but they just don’t see it for themselves.

You should know that there is still a huge possibility that they will change. You just need to keep showing them what you see. Eventually, they will open their eyes to it and they will have you to thank for believing in them.

Everyone has some good in them

This may sound crazy but it is true. The cruelest person on earth has the ability to love. The meanest person you’ve ever met still smiles sometimes. There’s no one who is completely good and none who is completely bad.

We all have a soft spot deep down. Sometimes we just need someone to remind us of the good in us. You can be that special reminder. Don’t give up on anyone yet until you see a change for good.

Everyone makes mistakes

We get so busy being perfect that we forget we are human. Being human means we can lose our way sometimes but with the right support system, we can always get back on track.

There’s no one too good to make a mistake and no one too bad to correct a wrong decision.


We all need a little push now and then. Don’t give up yet!