5 Changes You Experience At The Point Of Growth

We all want to get to that point where we experience a significant amount of growth in our lives. We want to grow in our businesses. We want to make more progress at our jobs. We want our relationships to be stronger and in entirety, we all want to be better people.

Growth is an innate desire we all have. But there is one question that needs to be answered before that growth process can be triggered.

For most people when asked if they are actually ready for growth, the answer is a hasty “yes”. However, when the factors that put growth in motion start taking their course, most people forfeit their growth process and return to being stagnant.

This piece is more like a preparation for you so you know what to expect at your point of growth.

You will have to make the decisions

Don’t we all love it when someone else makes most of the decisions? We do! It takes away the burden from our shoulders. We don’t have to think about what the results of such decisions may be. All we have to do is obey orders and if something goes wrong, we are not to blame.

All that changes when you reach the point of significant growth. The tables turn. You have to make the decisions and be ready to bear the consequences. The approval of your work comes from you and no one else. If you are able to make decisions and stand by them, then you can confidently say you growing.

You have to believe in your abilities

Isn’t it very admirable to see your CEOs with successful startups being super creative and providing innovative solutions to everyday problems? Don’t we all want to just wake up in their shoes? We all do! But we forget easily the things they had to do before they became the people we have such high regard for.

They had to believe in what they were doing even when it didn’t make sense. They kept the torch on and walked through blistering winds. They had to believe that despite the fact that they had well-established competitors already shaking tables, someone will prefer to work with them.

That’s the extent of believing you need to have in yourself and in your business before you can experience growth.

You will have to learn on your own

From the moment we were born, we have always learnt under the people superior to us. We moved from learning under our families to learning from our society. We learn consciously and unconsciously. We actually didn’t have much of a choice. We just grew up and learnt what everyone else thought we needed. Even when we didn’t understand why we did as we were told.

At the point of growth, all that changes. Learning stops being an obligation to our parents or the society it becomes a discovery for our own benefit.  At this point, we learn what we learn out of interest and passion.

When you notice that change in your learning process, it means you are on the right path of growth.

You have to understand the rules

As liberating as it is to become independent, you cannot be truly autonomous until you have understood the rules of operation. Before growth can take place, you have to learn the fundamentals of your work.

Change the game to suit you

Having understood what it takes to be on your own. It is expedient that you work as a professional. That’s what growth does: it produces perfection. You most certainly don’t want to be on your own and lose clients. You want to be better than the people who trained you.

After you have understood the basics of growth, the next step is to add your personality to what you do. There is a unique attribute that only you possesses and that’s the feature that sets you apart.

Be flexible where necessary and don’t relent in your efforts.