13 Fun Things You Should Do When Your Love Life Gets Boring

Relationships keep getting more complicated.

There appears to be so many rules on how to love and who to love. Suddenly, all the fun that falling in love once brought seems to be going out the window. This is how you can bring all that fun and adventure right back into your relationship.

Work out together

This is one of the most fun activities that you can engage in.  It helps both of you stay healthy and it’s so much fun to cheer each other. You could trim and build your bodies to your taste and it is super sexy to sweat together.

Have a cooking competition

Food is an everyday activity. You could call your friends over and show what you’ve got. Spice your love life with a little bit of competition.

Give back to the society

Engaging in charitable activities could be very therapeutic especially for workaholics and people with contentment issues. You could play Mommy and Daddy to some homeless kids for a day. There is always so much love to go around. Keep spreading it.

Fart aloud

I find it difficult to believe that there are still couples who see farting as disgusting when they are together. I feel love means accepting every part of a person, including the bad smell he or she produces. Try it. It’s always a big relief.

Share a nasty secret

We all have skeletons hanging in our cupboards. Once in a while, let one out in the open. It helps both of you create a better and stronger bond.

Strike an item off your bucket list together

There’s always that activity you’ve always wanted to do but you haven’t got the balls to do it yet. Here’s your chance. Just hold hands and go crazy.

Make prank calls using each other’s phones

You could call her granddad and pretend to be a hot chick that has a crush on older men. Nothing beats the response you will get.  Just make sure you don’t get caught!

Embark on a project together

Making money together can be so much fun. You get to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and not just that, you also know how best you can compliment your partner.

Redecorate each other’s apartment

You could repaint or simply just rearrange each other’s apartments. This simple activity keeps you present in each other’s lives even in your absence.

Arrange a series of surprise.

One thing about love is that not everything has to be grand to be appreciated. As long as it’s straight from the heart, it will always be cherished. Arrange a series of pleasant surprises for each other as often as you can.

You could play a favourite childhood song or make a favourite dessert and send it over after a long day.

Participate in your partner’s weirdest hobby

Don’t hold back on life. What you thought you could not enjoy might turn out to be so pleasurable.

Go on a road trip

Yes, I know you have heard about road trips a lot and the idea isn’t appealing anymore. Going on a road trip is always a great idea when you stop going by the books. You must not always have a car on a road trip. Change the rules.

Take a bus and drop in a city you’ve never been and have a taste of a different life.

And let’s not forget the sex

Go sex- shopping.  Sex should never become a boring part of your relationship. Do all you can to make sure that doesn’t happen. It could be an everyday affair, but not a routine. Discover each other’s and learn the best ways to please it.