10 Things You Should Know About Love At 25

Our clarity on the subject of love changes as we grow older.

At a young age, we tend to associate love with the affection that comes from our immediate families and friends. But as we grow older, love becomes more personal. We begin to explore other kinds of love.We start discovering what love truly means to us as individuals.

Asides being one of the strongest emotions we feel as humans, love teaches us a lot about the world around us and the people that we meet. As you go from one relationship to the other, most of the things you thought you knew about love begin to change significantly.  At 25, you should understand love better. You should be able to avoid certain mistakes you made when you were ignorant.

Though we all love differently, there are similar lessons that we ought to learn in order to build better relationships.

Love isn’t something you plan for

You don’t have any control over love. You don’t decide when it happens or where. It just takes you unawares. It makes you break rules you never thought you would break and you don’t even apologize for it.

Love is quite different from what you see in the movies

You understand that most of the love scenes you see on screen are nothing but an exaggeration of what love is in real life. For instance, the pain of a broken heart as portrayed in a movie isn’t always as unbearable as they said it would be. If the character was heart-broken for 2 years, it doesn’t mean you also need 2 years to move on with your life.

Love doesn’t always last forever

At 25, very few people have kept a single relationship with just one partner.  You begin to understand that not every relationship that began on a great note ends that way. It’s just the way it is. Knowing that fact prevents you from beating yourself up when such happens.

There’s a lot of compromise in love

True love doesn’t seek to change you as a person. Love gives you room for improvement. You will have to change some habits not necessarily because they are bad habits but because you want the next person to be more comfortable.

Love hurts sometimes

Pain is something you can’t escape as far as love is concerned. Your heart has to be open to the person you are in love with and that means you are also prone to be hurt.

Love works only when we forgive.

At 25, you understand that the people you love are not perfect. You accept that for your relationship to continue, you will have to forgive the people who betrayed your trust and loyalty even when it is difficult.

You will have to work at love

You don’t just fall in love and go to sleep. Love entails work.

You will have to work on your communication and build trust. You will have to study and learn the person you are in love with as he or she changes over time and so on. In simple terms, love can’t work without effort.

You understand that you have to love you first

You can’t love and expect to be loved when you don’t love you first. You understand the importance of self-love and you know that it is your responsibility to protect your heart. This consciousness helps you to be more careful in choosing who you give your heart to.

Sometimes you need to take a break from love

You are more aware of your needs and what you want. You are not in a hurry to get involved with just anyone. You take your time and enjoy your company.

Love is always worth it

You know for sure that giving your heart, body, and soul to another person freely is the most satisfying deed you can do in your life.