21 Things You Must Have Done By The Time You Turn 30

Age 30 is a big number. As you approach the mid-years in life you must have done certain things that shows you are coming of age. Of course the greatest experiences are born from pleasant memories. This is how you should enter age 30 in style.

Start saving

Be responsible for the money you make. Set some money aside and delay gratification. Every single penny counts, show you can handle money.

Get fit

Now it is not just about hitting the gym. But you can make sure you eat healthier and cut down on those calories.

Learn to cook

Every culture may have their standards on this but it is rewarding to make a home-cooked meal and receive compliments from friends and family.

Know your family history

Appreciate your heritage. Before you turn 30, sit down and talk with your parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents.

Be the first person to apologize

Admit your faults and mistakes to someone and earn their respect.


Reconnect with your bestie. As you grow older you understand that you need only specific friendships. This person knows everything about you, it is time to appreciate that quality friendship again.

Improve your skills

You may have been working various jobs but it is time to aim for that dream job and earn the skill that will help you attain it.


It is great to find a cause and identify with something larger than you. Find out what you care about and devote yourself to it.

Write a story

Write something, it could be a fictional story. But this would develop your writing skills and boost your creativity.


Read. You need to keep your brain sharp and learn what is happening around you. Improve your reading habits before you hit 30 and this could shape your life.

Live in a different city

A new job or getting a degree doesn’t have to take you to a new town. You could move out and stay in a different city, all by yourself. Traveling and finding your base in a new city will certainly make you a more confident and organized person.

Learn another language

It could be Spanish, Italian or French. But learning another language helps you get fascinated with another culture and certainly become a more charming person.


Who says you can’t take a step forward and say sorry to someone who you did wrong. Own and accept your fault if you have to.

Take a cross-country road trip

A road trip certainly teaches you a lot of life lessons that could come out handy in other areas of your life.

Pay all your debts

It could be your student loans or credit card debts. It is not ideal to carry the financial burden of your 20s into 30s.

Join a club

It could be a book club, a sports club or the rotary club. Simply find an association of people who share certain interests with you.

Run a marathon

Your ability to push yourself physically is not simply good for your body, it is also good for your mind.

Stop smoking

Of course you should. A healthier lifestyle as you grow older can protect you from a weaker body as you grow older.

Buy something expensive for yourself

You can’t always afford to be cheap. Enjoy yourself a little and reward yourself with that Gucci bag or trip to an expensive restaurant.

Fail at something

Failure is always a path to success. Failure helps you grow and appreciate your weakness.

Be a super networker

You don’t have to hide in a cocoon. You should start learning to reach out and meeting new people. Such interaction could help you advance your career or help you find your own voice.