2 Easy Ways to Cope With A Shitty Job

Over the years, I have learnt some hard truths about venturing into new fields of business and working as an employee.  Most people who want to learn a skill or two aren’t comfortable with the fact they have to be humble and sometimes play the fool before they can truly learn.

The sad reality is most people who are highly placed have this attitude of wanting to be worshipped. They don’t want to be answerable to anyone and they feel everything they do is right. That kind of attitude could make the workplace very uncomfortable but quitting isn’t always the best option.

I came across a guy who had contacts with international blogs and crypto companies.  He made me believe that he was scouting for writers with potential who had what it takes to go pro and become bigger.  I jumped at the offer because I wanted to learn how to write White papers for companies. Though the pay wasn’t so good, we agreed to work together on some pieces.

He sent a few companies to me and I started my research. I did the best I could because I wanted him to have a good impression of my work so more jobs could come. After a while, he didn’t pay me and when I confronted him he said the white papers I sent were plagiarized and so they were rejected by his clients.

I apologized and asked him to correct me but he didn’t. A week later, I stumbled upon a company’s white paper online. It was the exact replica of what I sent to him. The same white paper which he claimed was rejected.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t angry at him.

I was proud of myself because I had learnt something new and he could never take that away from me.

I know it hurts to be treated like nobody simply because you want to have more experience in a new field.  I also know how it feels to be lied to just to keep you feeling bad about yourself and your abilities.

Though I am not saying all the people you will meet have negative intentions towards you, you will come across such people too.

The question worth asking is what you should do when you meet such people?  What should you do when you know you are clearly being used and taken for granted just because you want to learn?

Make up your mind to learn regardless

Learning and being excellent in that same field is the reward you will have to show for not backing out.

The obstacles you face shouldn’t be enough to deter you from reaching your goal. Believe me, all the people you come across one role to play in your life.

Your friends will believe in your potential, your enemies will make you live up to it. – Tim Fargo

Some of the people you will come across will soften you while others will toughen you up for worst situations. It’s all for your good. You took up that job because you wanted to leave better equipped and better enlightened so you have to grow a thick skin and stay strong. Don’t let anyone make you do the contrary.

Be your only competition

Don’t let mental blocks control you.  Set yourself free. Let your biggest competition be you. You shouldn’t be looking to pull others down but you should be busy testing and break your own boundaries.

If you are unable to work with everybody, make sure you work with some people. Make the best moves and climb the high ladders.  Rather than focus on your competition, concentrate more on creating more value. Nobody will love you but they secretly wish they were you.