There’s Room For Everyone When Love Is Involved

I saw a video clip on facebook about a special kind of relationship called a polyamorous relationship. Right now my computer doesn’t recognize the word and it’s kinda funny but that’s just how far love and relationships have evolved.

Basically, the polyamorous relationship involves three or more people. Polyamory is the practice of engaging in several intimate relationships with the consent of all the people involved.  In a polyamorous relationship, every person knows about and agrees to the involvement of other people in the relationship.  Even though it sounds absurd and many people disagree that there are rules in such a flexible relationship, there are actually rules in a polyamorous relationship as well.

In the video clip I watched, there was a man, who was the husband, his wife, and his wife’s girlfriend and to make it more interesting, they had a son. Not an adopted child but a son who was born to the man and his wife before they had this awesome addition of his wife’s girlfriend to become one big happy family.

During the film, they were asked series of questions. The world obviously wanted to know how they were making it work. If there was any particular policy involved in the relationship and if a partner could even cheat on the other?

They appeared incredibly happy in a unique relationship. The wife admitted she was very jealous at first when her husband fell in love with her girlfriend. She had a hard time accepting it. But as the days went by, she became comfortable and actually accepted the idea that her husband had fallen in love with her girlfriend too and ever since it’s just been double fun for everyone.

Though the world calls such a relationship a polyamorous relationship, they declined on calling it anything outside love and understanding. They were just in love and happy so nothing else mattered.

The shocker at the end of the video clip was how long the relationship had lasted. You would expect a quick split in a short time because being human, our emotions are unstable and when love is involved, we become even more unstable. This couple has been locking it down for 7 years and they aren’t backing down anytime soon. To them, the relationship wouldn’t just be complete without one of them.

After the clip, I was just impressed by how the human mind could actually accept and become content with any situation once it makes a resolve to do so. It is simply amazing!

I was also stunned at how emotionally matured the three adults in the relationship were, the boy inclusive. When asked how he felt about his unique family, he simply said he felt lucky. None of his friends had two mums and so he was cool and very excited about it.

Dan Savage, the writer of the famous column Savage Love states that there is no “correct” type of love and relationship. People should look inside themselves and determine what type of relationship is right for them.

I couldn’t agree more with the statement above. There is just so much love to go round so nobody should be left out. If a monogamous relationship is not working for you, maybe a polygamous or a polyamorous relationship would be perfect for you.

Love doesn’t want you to stay ignorant and frightened. You ought to be enlightened and sure of what you are getting into. Most importantly, you need to be happy.

Love values your happiness over all else. Love doesn’t judge and find some lives or loves more precious than others. Love doesn’t use people and hurl them away. Love stays and makes you stronger.

Make sure you find what kind of relationship works for you.