All The Happiness That Missing You Brings

In a way, it’s hard to miss people these days.

It’s a technology age so nobody feels the distance anymore. Whenever you’re miles apart, all you need to do is turn to your phone. You can still stay in touch with your loved ones through text, online chats, Facebook and Twitter posts.

To most people, that’s enough to fill up the loneliness but with you none of these means are satisfactory. It is either you are right in front of me or nothing.

I think people start missing someone only when they know that they are not going to get them back again. This is the time the reality stares at your face. Something tells you that you will never be the same again. For most people, it is a sad time but for me it is a time to be grateful.

It was a time to reflect on all that we shared and be thankful for how far we had come before we went our separate ways.

For you and me, I never thought that would be our story. I never imagined we will grow apart. We were constants in each other’s lives. We were never meant to fall apart. I guess that’s why I keep missing you. We were supposed to last more than we did. We were meant for forever, but forever ended a little too early.

The moment you left, I knew my life had changed. I tried to distract myself.  I thought a trip would help so I took several trips. I made new friends and I tried to distract myself. I dived straight into a new hobby because I thought that will help me forget you.

But over time, I realized that people like you are not meant to be forgotten. You are meant to be remembered and cherished. You may not be present with me but your good deeds remain with me for all my days.

I hear people give all kinds of advices. They tell me I need support when I lose the person I love. They tell me to lean on others for help because that’s natural. I know they have the best intentions even though they will never understand.

 This isn’t about replacing the person my heart was set on. It is about living with your absence and falling in love with just the thoughts of you in my head. It’s not about moving on and pushing me forward positively and plainly. It’s about staying at the same position you left me watching you go away and being sure that you are happier with or without me.

I hear people say you only miss someone when you are not busy with your life. If you had a billion dollar company to run or a very hectic job that demands so much of your attention you wouldn’t have the time to miss anyone. I know that’s a lie

I missed you when I was idle, when I had all the time on my hands. I still miss you now, even more with a busy schedule.

I loved having my alone time, and I’ve always had a good share of alone-times when growing up.  When I met you, it was difficult to be dependent on someone for the first time.

It was you who opened me up. It was you who showed me that leaning on another for help doesn’t make me weak or fragile. It makes me stronger and better.

We were good on our own but always better when we got together. No one could compliment me the way you do.

That courage you instilled in me that sustains me. In your absence, I will be forever grateful!