This is Why Successful People Never Settle

Yes success people never do. And why would they when they possess these dominant qualities.

They are focused

Every successful person I have met knows where he/she is headed to. They are not distracted by every other thing that would or could come their way. They simply want to reach their goal and do whatever it takes to get there.

They have intense self-belief

They know they would definitely attain what they want. They are not afraid of mere hurdles or obstacles. In fact, they embrace their fears and believe they would eventually get what they set out for.

They listen to their guts

You could call it sixth sense or intuition, but successful people have trained their inner mind so well that they know what opportunities they should seize and those problems they should avoid. They know their strengths and weaknesses so well that they do listen to their guts and aim for what they desire.

They are resolute

Of course, you need some grit, you need some doggedness to attain those things you desire. If you are not persistent and strong-willed enough you may simply lose the desire to keep going when the ship seems to be sinking.

They don’t take themselves too seriously

They won’t settle, doesn’t mean they don’t laugh over their flaws and strengthen their position. You are not infallible. But you can learn and see the beauty in the disgust. You can see the positives even when it all appears negative.

They want to earn their place

This is why they may be hard negotiators and bargain hard with you. They have solid self-esteem and know how important it is to navigate their turf to attain success. After all you have to position yourself for greater things.

They keep a closed circle

They may not have a lot of friends, but these ones will support them when it is necessary. They will show them the path when it seems they are pushed to the wall. Certainly everyone needs people who can push you to become better version of themselves.

They set high standards

They love excellence. And they know excellence doesn’t come cheap. Of course it could be tough and challenging, but they are good with embracing tough times and conquering after all.

They have no reason to settle

Successful people go all in. They are ambitious and tenacious. They really have no reason to settle. They know how important it is for them to succeed. And it is all or nothing. So yes they may be willing to put it all in to get what they want. What do they really have to lose?

They are courageous

It takes courage to attain success. Sometimes it means more than talent and skills. It means desire and fearlessness to reach their goals. Such courage could appear far-fetched, but when you want something so bad, finding the courage to risk it all wouldn’t matter much.

They are optimistic

Unlike negative people, successful people know they will get there. They are positive about their goals and desires. Even when the odds are stacked against them, they somehow know they will find an edge and an opening to attain what they seek. It is not about their present challenges, it is about their future accomplishments.

They want to celebrate

To every action positive or negative, there is a reward. Successful people want to celebrate their wins and accomplishment because it is worth the effort after all.


You cannot afford to settle if you really want to excel. The world is not about mediocrity anymore. Competition is stiff and can be ugly. You have to learn to push yourself harder and reach for the best version of yourself.