4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Suffer More After A Breakup

I think the men have it easy after a breakup compared to the women.

And just like me, most women do too. I am not just drawing conclusions from mere assumptions because; a while ago I had the experience myself. I’ve also witnessed other girls have the same experiences.  In their case, they couldn’t just believe how the men in their lives moved on so fast.

I had a friend who I told that my ex-boyfriend begged me for three weeks after which he moved on in the fourth week. My dissatisfaction was from the fact that he couldn’t keep the apologies up for the last week. There was nothing stopping him from making the apology last a complete month.

She smiled at me and said mine was far better. Her own boyfriend didn’t even apologize or try to make her stay for a single day. When she told him she wanted a break, all he said was “okay” and that was it.

I mourned my relationship for 10 good months before I could get myself back to start paying attention to other men but the man I was with couldn’t even wait for a month before he moved on. The difference is super crazy but that’s what we face after breakups.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter what gender struggles with moving on more. In some case, it’s the men and in other cases, it’s the women. The bottom line is someone suffers more than the other after a breakup.

But that person shouldn’t be you!

I know that it is hard to try to keep someone once the person has made their mind up to leave. There’s no forcing the relationship to work. But you have to make things work for you.

When you accept your pain, it heals you

This is the hardest part of a breakup. It is you coming to terms with the fact that a part of your heart just got ripped out and you will have to grow it back all by yourself.

Failing to accept the reality of a breakup sooner is why most people keep suffering.

For me, part of accepting my pain was letting myself cry out all the tears I needed to cry out. There is no shame in letting out those emotions. The earlier you let it out the better you will feel. I stayed indoors for most of the post-breakup period and I did whatever gave me comfort.

I slept when I wanted to sleep. I ate what I wanted to eat and I listened to every sad song on my phone.

The fact is once you go through this stage, you let go completely. You will never have to go through it again.

You have all you need to bounce back

You don’t have to wait for an alarm to go off before you get out of your pajamas, take a bath, wear a smoking hot outfit and hit the club. That alarm never goes off! you have to stop waiting and making it happen.

We all handle breakup differently. Some people can have a rebound the next hour after a breakup while some have to wait months. Take all the time you need to mend your heart but make sure you get out there as soon as you can.

There’s actually nothing stopping you.

You only live once

The whole point of living is to be happy. I think that should be everybody’s aspiration in life. Your life shouldn’t revolve around anything that makes you unhappy.

Crying over spilled milk doesn’t return it to its container so don’t waste this precious time you have beating yourself over a failed relationship.

You have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t let it pass you by!