The Broken Can Be The Most Beautiful

So much of what happens in our lives seem as though they are beyond our control. At those moments when we least expect, that is when the world chooses to test us.  At those times when we are unprepared are the times that we are hit by unbearable situations.

We lose people we love the most. We are financially ruined by the people we trusted to have our best interest. These are situations that are not foreseen and when they happen, they could crush our very being.

We constantly put ourselves out there without an assurance that we will succeed.  We put every bit of our effort into something we love, a relationship, a project and are broken when it fails.

It’s almost like at every step of the way, we are exposed to the very things that hurt us. It is the whole package of life. It is what we deal with at every waking moment of the day.

Some people have been drafted to fight in this war of life from the moment they were born. They have fought to feed and to be free from oppression. They have fought to be accepted and treated equally with others. They have fought to be heard and to be understood. These are people who had to forfeit the things they wanted so badly simply because they were less privileged and the list goes on and on.

The question remains, as it has always been. What should we do when we are faced with such situations? How should we respond?

 After all has been said and done, that is all we have left with; our response!


We are frequently faced with situations that can knock us down and hurt us. True. But just because we are exhausted, afraid and broken, it doesn’t mean that we can’t go back to who we were. And not just the same people, but better, stronger and more beautiful people than we ever were.

 When we can come to terms with our flaws and limitations we find radiance in who we are.

Out of all our fragility, one of the truths worth accepting is that there is always an opportunity for beauty.

We are like ceramic cups made of clay. From the second we are made we are beautifully arranged and packed safely. But at the same time, we are also waiting to be shattered either by accident, by hatred by futility or bad luck. We could be shattered by a person’s careless mistakes or even by lust.

 Our response is to be prepared for these eventualities.  We can’t live our lives unprotected.

 The best solution to most of the perilous situation we face in life is to embrace it, to be okay with the fact that once in a while we will be shattered. Those who cannot shatter cannot learn, and those who do not learn cannot grow. The journey of life is for the strong. If we are not broken, we cannot be made stronger.

This is not to ignore the immense intricacy of any of these ordeals. It is to a certain extent, to first, be better equipped for them. It is to be composed and comfortable that when we are faced with heart-breaking situations, we will emerge even more beautiful.

As humans, we accept our nature. We admit that we are fragile and we are not unbreakable.

We may not have the ability to resist or stop negative situations from occurring but we have the power to heal after we have been broken down. We have the strength to rise from the shadows and from the dust of the ground.

You are more than the broken pieces on the outside. You are beautiful!