There Is No Success Without The Storm

I have seen a lot of people make hasty investments. I have seen those investments flop and many have lost huge amounts of money. But rather than learn from their mistakes, they wait patiently for the next fraud or Ponzi scheme that seems legit.  Then they dive into it and lose more money.  Most people repeat this cycle until they lose all the money they have saved up then they turn and blame the economy.

Frankly, I don’t think a human being can get any dumber than that!

If you didn’t know, know it now. You are responsible for every penny you earn and how you chose to spend it. If you are fond of making careless investments, you have yourself to blame. Not the government, not the person who deceived you and cheated you and definitely not your lucky stars because they don’t exist. You deserve all the blame because;

You always want to avoid the storm

You forget that’s what being successful is all about. It is about walking clueless into a risky situation. It’s about having an ambition so scary most people around give up on you. No one actually believes you can make it until you eventually walk out of the storm.

Success makes no sense when the process is on. But the moment the storm is over, you won’t consider how you made it through or how you managed to survive. All you will remember is that you are a better person, much better than the person who walked into the storm.

You become better and more experienced. That’s when success makes the most sense.

You want to skip the brainwork

It’s a pity but skipping the brain work is an impossibility. I’m sorry but you don’t get to escape that part of your journey to success. At some point, you will just have to sit down and think everything through. You will have to plan every step before you take it. You will have to strategize. You must have a business plan and you must make the necessary research.

Most people think they can entrust all that brainwork into someone else’s care but there’s a higher risk of regrets when you are not in charge of your business. No one can handle your investment the way you can. Except you want to lose money, being lazy is not an option.

If only you could wish your way to success

“If there’s a single lesson that life teaches us, it’s that wishing doesn’t make it so.” ―Lev Grossman.

It is funny but it is also true that there are people in this 21st century who believe they would wake up to a Jinee one bright morning and finally make their three wishes and their lives would finally be worth living.

News flash! There’s no Jinee and you don’t get to make three wishes. You only get to work hard and persist until you make it. You will also have to develop yourself so when an opportunity comes, you can make the most of it. That’s the only way it goes. That’s the magic that is real.

There’s no fast route to success, fortunately

I used the word fortunately because it will be so unfortunate if we all have all we want the instant we request for it without working for it. It would be such a waste!

There’s nothing that ruins all our efforts faster than a short-cut. You can’t cut corners on your way because it is a process. Money doublers don’t exist so don’t put a thousand dollars into someone’s account and expect it to become twenty dollars by morning. If money had that ability to multiply, it wouldn’t have to leave your own account first.


Finally, money isn’t meant for the foolish. It is for the wise who can manage it.