The Struggle of Finding Love and Success

It is hard finding the two – success in career and love with someone outside work. There are a lot of contributing factors. Ultimately both demands so much of us that it is difficult to find that balance and give to both the same energy, time and resources they deserve.

It now comes to what is important to you. Of course most people would want more money, more appraisals and accomplishments, yet having all of these without having the right people to share it with can be futile.

So it comes down to adjusting your mindset and knowing how to manage your emotions and self-awareness. Because it is a struggle doesn’t mean you won’t find it. Because a lot of people don’t see it as attainable doesn’t mean that people are not having these two things.

Perhaps it is the world we live in. Perhaps there is not enough time. Perhaps it is so easy to walk away from someone who has the potential to be great, but we can’t wait because we lack the patience to do so.

There are a lot of dating apps and hook-up sites that we are not slow to consider our options. There are a lot of options but happiness when chased could become elusive. Sorry that you yearn for the right partner or the right job. Sorry that the world is so competitive and you don’t know what you need to give to reach the next milestone.

It won’t be a struggle if you start learning to focus

Clearly identify what you want and how you want it. Clearly set standards before going down that road or you could muddle everything. You could hurt yourself or hurt others in the process. Yes, it won’t be a struggle if you learn to streamline your desires and focus on what really matters to you.


It won’t always be what you expected but you can determine your expectations

Never set the bar too high. You may just be disappointed. Sometimes you have to stare at the mirror and be realistic with yourself. How much are you willing to give to get what you want. Yes it can be exhausting, it may seem futile and the easier choice is walking away, but what if you simply adjusted your expectations.


It is painful everywhere

We are all dealing with our demons. Jumping from one place to another may not always be the perfect choice. But you can focus on being better for you. You can focus on dealing with your pain and being a shoulder someone else can lean on. Success shared is better enjoyed. Embrace rather than reject.

Hang on

One thing I have learned in my personal life and in career is that your relationship or career success may not be as dark as it seems. You may need to fight and hang on. Your endurance should be tested. Persevere more, who knows, the weather could change at the click of a finger.

You will get what you seek

Surely you would mature and learn to survive. After all we are all surviving, we are all learning how to accommodate our surrounding. Of course we want to fit in, but some times we may need to go through a set of hurdles before we find our voice, identity and that which is suitable for it.


Just keep going. Just keep living and appreciating the moments as they come. Be better than who you were yesterday and slowly you would attract the kind of success you desire, whether at work or in your personal relationships.