It Is Time You Believe That You Can Be Loved

You thought he would go for a better girl. You were so sure he would not pick you. You couldn’t hide the disappointment on your face when he approached you. Your first thought was “This must be a joke!”  But as the days went by, you soon figured it wasn’t a joke at all.

You expected him to go for someone more beautiful and chicer. Those girls who promised to be more fun were accessible all over. They definitely were not hidden from him. He didn’t even have to go look for them. They practically chased him everywhere he went still he ignored them.

He didn’t ignore them by accident. It wasn’t a mere concurrence either, it was a choice.  You were his choice even when you couldn’t understand why he would make such a terrible pick. Of all the people in the world, why would he pick you?

He really would have done way better.  But he was bent on disappointing you.

When the perfect couple was pictured, you always knew they could only be a combination of the perfect man and the perfect woman. That’s why they are called “perfect”.


But with him, you didn’t feel like you were anything near perfect. He brought in the light to your world as far as you knew and you brought in the gloom into his. That was the way you saw it, your friends agreed too but he would not accept it.


If love was all a normal teenage girl dreamt of, you wouldn’t dare to dream of being loved. Your life could be summarized in just one pitiful phrase; being invincible! As long as you kept your head down, you were safe from the world. You were safe from love.


Until you met him!

The first day you talked wasn’t the end of the conversation like you had concluded like you had hoped.  He called the day after and the next day too. And for two straight months, he wouldn’t go a day without hearing your voice.

Just when you are sure it was going to be a brief conversation, it lingered on and stretched into hours. You tried to make sure you weren’t getting used to it but the more you fought the facts, the more the reality starred in your face.

You were not one to rush into this trap of believing that someone like him would want anything to do with someone like you. But every single day, he proved you wrong.

With every little stare and every glace he stole when you looked away, with every little kiss to your forehead and every soft-spoken word he said to you, he made you a believer in the possibility of being wanted truly.

Not for what you have but for simply being you. Suddenly the odds that somehow, someway you will find a place where you are not being judged for any of your flaws were more real than ever.

With every tender touch on your body to every whisper in your ears, you couldn’t deny that your fantasies about how love should feel like were slowly becoming a reality.

And after all, had been said and done you knew deep down in your heart that he was here to stay. He wasn’t going anywhere.

It was time you put those doubts and insecurities aside!

It was time you accepted that you didn’t have to be like every other girl to have his attention. You earned his love and admiration without any effort.


It was time you realized that love isn’t gotten on merit. It was simply a miracle. It was your special miracle! So rather than trying to explain it, you should just enjoy it.


It was time you admitted that you are an incredible person and you are so loved.