Here’s What To Remember When You Wake Up Feeling Bad About Yourself

First off, I just need you to know that this isn’t happening to you alone. Out of ten mornings, I can count at least five or more when I woke up looked myself in the mirror and all I could see was someone who just had a very long way to go.

We all get that feeling sometimes.

It could be caused by anything ranging from the people around us to the music we listen to and even the people we follow on social media.

If you always surround yourself with people who you ‘feel’ are superior to you, two things are likely to happen. It is either you step up to the challenge and try to become like them or you withdraw into a lonely shell, convincing yourself that you can never be as good as they are.

The latter is usually the case for most people. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Earlier, I mentioned that you could feel certain people are superior to you. I used the word “feeling” because, in the real sense, it is nothing but a momentary feeling. It flashes in your head for some seconds and it is your choice to keep pondering on it or just let it go.

Most times, it is hard to fight the feeling and I get that. That’s why I have outlined a few reminders to help you return to a healthy state of mind. You certainly don’t need any negativity about you.

There’s absolutely no one superior to you

That may be hard to believe when you put wealth, fame and of course the perfect body into consideration which some people have it all. I mean the whole package, its crazy!

Somewhere in your head, you are thinking, once I have all that I’ll be superior too. Right? Wrong!

Being superior could have some connection with how much you are able to acquire in material terms, but it doesn’t entirely depend on that.

Being a superior person has to do with your mindset.

If you have the wrong mindset about yourself, you could acquire the whole world and still feel like a horrible person. But with the right mindset and the proper regard for yourself, you will live your life so feely and content. So when the fame and riches are acquired, they will just be the frosting on the cake.

It is just a matter of time

I am a firm believer in the factor of time and of course hard work. I know it makes everything perfect.

I’d give you an assignment. The next time you wake up feeling horrible; dig up some past pictures of that person you really admire. That person you just want to switch places with now. Find out if their lives were always this perfect or if they too had a rough time before they became who they are now.

I can assure you that 8 out of 10 were in worst situations than you are. You probably are better looking than most of them were.

The difference is they didn’t stay down and mope all day about their situation. They decided to change it! So if that’s your decision too, to change who you are and become a better person then it is only a matter of time before you get there.

 Surround yourself with only positive energy

There’s this friend of mine whose life is a therapy and I bet she doesn’t know it yet. Else she would have built herself an office and just keep getting paid for living.

I think I am far more good-looking and sexier than she is. But the way she carries herself, you would just fall in love with her and let me go.

Anytime I wake up feeling awful, I spend some few minutes with her.  She doesn’t know what she’s doing but I leave her feeling completely beautiful and refreshed.

You should get someone who revives you too.