The Little Secret Of Long Lasting Relationships

As humans, I think one of the natural traits we share is we all love being adored and pampered. We love it when we are frequently apologized to but when it’s time to reciprocate that same gesture, it gets kind of hard even to the people you really love.

I don’t see myself as a violent person. I hate getting into quarrels it doesn’t matter if it’s with my parents or my nephews or my cat. I would do anything to reconcile so we can get things back to the way they were. That who I am.

Though we are all different, I can’t say there are people who enjoy keeping grudges. I think if we had our way, we would stop some really nasty quarrels before they even happen.

But that’s not possible, is it?

That’s because we are unique beings. We have differences as lovers, as siblings and as friends. We simply can’t stop getting at each other’s throats but we can learn to apologize and really mean it so we don’t lose out on the relationships we have built for so long.

Ever wondered why some people have long lasting relationships and others can’t even last for a week? The secret is simple.  Just apologize!

How is it done?

Don’t just stop at saying sorry

There’s a difference between saying sorry and really apologizing. I could say I am sorry once then stay silent or I could say sorry and make my apology more convincing with the way I behave.

People say sorry out of courtesy and to fulfill all righteousness.  You could say sorry more than once and not even mean any.

If you want your apology to be taken seriously, say more. Tell the person how much they mean to you and how you can’t stand them being upset with you.

Don’t apologize once. Do it again and again

There is a sweetness that is attached with being consistently apologetic. It shows you won’t rest until your apology is accepted and you are willing to go all the way. After the first apology, give them some time then apologize again.

Get down from your high horse

You can’t really apologize if you haven’t gotten rid of your pride. The two don’t go together. It’s almost like trying to eat with your face all frowned up. It is hard work and in the end, the muscles of your face will just end up hurting. You need to shake the pride off.

I always say “when it comes to love, nobody is doing anyone a favour!”

This is what you want so you ought to go all out for it. Put in your heart and not your head.

You don’t always have to be right

You can’t be right and sorry at the same time. Sometimes, you just have to accept you are wrong for the greater good. We all want to prove a point. We all want to be right but it is not a competition. You plainly have to set your priorities straight.

It is best we don’t prove anything and still have the people we care about. Than to insist on being right and lose them.

Don’t let a grudge linger

An apology is best said earlier than later. The more you hesitate to apologize, the more time the other party has to consider other options.

Not many people have the ability to retreat to themselves to find comfort. Most people head for a rebound because they can’t handle pain alone. An accurate timing is very important in saving any relationship.


The next time you have a misunderstanding with your loved ones; don’t waste so much time contemplating on who is to blame. Be the bigger person and apologize. You will be so glad you did!