Why Being Single After Age 30 Is a Great Experience

Of course not all of us like being single. Some of us simply like to jump into another relationship after one has failed. I met a friend who said she can’t simply imagine the idea of her being single. It is so cool to look for and find companionship. There is so much it brings in terms of warmth and affection.

But what if the best affection we can get is with ourselves?

And as you grow older you are careful who you give your heart and mind to. Truthfully after the age 30 you may simply have stricter rules when it comes to whom you want to invest your time, energy and resources with. This is because you have come to appreciate your independence and personality. You must have gone through the rollercoaster of romance that you are not willing to throw in all your chips in one bet.

But you can seek more from relationships?

You can ask more from relationships, you can find out more about the people around and you can ask more from yourself. That is what growing up single means. It helps you know what you want and how to get it. Suddenly your path is well defined.

But what if it isn’t working out?

The more mature you are or older you get, the easier it is to walk away from a relationship that isn’t working out. Because you cherish your singleness. You have fallen in love with yourself and your identity. Perhaps it is in traveling or going to that favorite restaurant and giving yourself a treat. It doesn’t have to work out with everyone you meet. But you should be better for yourself. You should be happier even in your own company.

But what if others ask you what next?

You know what next. You are actually clear about the direction you want to take in life and how you are going to get there. It may be that your standards are high and you are not willing to give up your independence just yet. However, you know what next since you are on a road that should only give birth to your happiness.

But what if a moment of vulnerability comes in?

Some are out there to take advantage of your vulnerability. They want to own your weakness and make a play on it. But being single doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong, it makes you aware in ways you may not know. So if any vulnerability comes to play, you can easily bounce back and find the road that will take you to your ideal destination.

But what relationships do you need?

Perhaps just a few friends around. You understand quality and how it trumps quantity. You know who you want to be with and who deserves your attention. Perhaps they have proven their commitment to your growth in some way, but it helps to focus on those that add value to your world.

But if you are pressured to do what you don’t consider necessary?

You can listen to your heart. Over time you have built a thick skin since you know only you can look after you. You can ignore the naysayers or people who simply don’t get it.

But what it if it seems confusing?

It never is. Life will never work out as planned some times. But it leads you to where you are meant to be. This is not so difficult to figure out when you pass the age of 30.