5 Tips On Being A Leader And Working With A Team

I read an article by an entrepreneur who happened to be in the same café with Steve Jobs.

Though he never had a one on one conversation with Steve, he was fortunate to pick out some Silicon Valley wisdom from the talk he was having with another young CEO.

I thought I should share these simple tips here because I feel it’s important to learn from successful people. They obviously did a lot of things right to have gotten such marvelous results.

Don’t give your team a chance to ask questions, they simply won’t ask you!

Rather than ask “Any questions”?  Get the questions out of them.

Most of the time, your team members have a lot to ask but because there seems to be a popular theory on not questioning the authority of a leader, they often shy away from asking questions even when they do not understand.

Getting feedback from your team is very important in running a company. So rather than just giving them an open space to ask? Create a relationship where they are comfortable.  Become more approachable.

As a leader, you are a teacher too. If your team doesn’t understand the direction in which you are leading them, they can’t follow appropriately.

Don’t wait for training and conferences to find out what isn’t working right, invite an employee into your office on a casual afternoon and find out what they think. Take an intern for a lunch break, where there are no supervisors, get friendly and you will be surprised how good their insight will be.

Earn the trust of the people you work with. It keeps you in business

If you will be an effective leader, you must gain the trust of the people you work with.

Your team members study you when you least expect.  The moment you let your guard down, that same moment you begin to lose their trust and respect.

The logic is quite simple. If you can have shady deals with clients where you ought to have protected your image, what stops you from being dishonest with the people you are not answerable to?

Being honest in your dealings with clients especially at the workplace is very essential. Your team members are the people who will vouch for you and defend your person to the general public.

It doesn’t just end with a good impression. You must be a person of noble character to gain their commitment and loyalty. It’s something even money cannot afford you.

Acknowledge your deficiencies

You are a leader. That doesn’t make you a know-it-all. There will be times when your team members will be more acquitted on methods of solving a problem and you will be a complete novice.

Be willing to say “I am still confused” or “I am yet to figure it out too!” It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Admit your ignorance and be humble enough to learn.

In the end, you will not only have added to your knowledge but you would have also exhibited a great deal of maturity.

Get a grip on your temper

Letting your emotions run free will cost you more just money. If you want to succeed, practice more forgiveness and less punishment with your team. Everybody makes mistakes and deserves to be pardoned.

However, it’s important to create a balance. Don’t let people take you for a ride and don’t be too quick to take penalizing decisions.

Stay focused

As a leader, one of your superpowers should be having a strong will and being decisive about taking the right decisions for you and everyone else, no matter how tough it gets.  This is to ensure that you are not tossed left and right by the opinions of everyone else who feels the need to be heard.

You have the big picture. Run with it!