Making The Right Decisions Will Be A lot Easier If…

If it didn’t suck up all the energy you have just to think it through and through. If you knew the right decision to take without second guessing all the time.

There are many things that keep us from making the best decisions for ourselves. The list is endless! Sometimes, we try to protect our image where we ought not to, just so we can impress others. Other times we are just scared to admit who we really are.

It gets much easier if you are not a do-gooder and a people pleaser

There is a difference between serving people and being a people pleaser. The former allows you to exercise some form of control and restraint while the latter just places you in a fix.

One moment you are sure you are on the right path and the next minute you are wondering how the hell you got there.

You have to create a balance between what you want and what others want for you. Stop making a thousand and one excuses for everyone else. Do what is right for the people you love. They may hate you now but they will thank you later.

If you knew what the future holds for you.

Well, you do. How? You are responsible for creating your future. It is not the other way round.

Though the world is full of uncertainties, it is also full of opportunities. Opportunities that you have to be open to and prepared for.

Every decision you take gets easier when you see your life as a puzzle. Each piece you pick must create a big picture which you should be satisfied with in the end.

If you are prepared for the consequences

The understanding you need to make better decisions comes from being prepared for the results of those decisions. You are more encouraged to do what is best for you when you are ready for the outcome.

The results that come from doing the right thing are crystal clear and they’ll give you the confidence you need to keep on making the best decisions even when nobody else agrees with you.

If you remain with like-minded people

It is no longer news that the people around you influence the decisions you make either directly or indirectly. So to make the best decisions easier and faster, you ought to be around people who have your best interest at heart.

These people will check your excesses and remind you of your plans when you begin to stray from the right path.

If you know that failure is not the end of the road

Sometimes it is the fear of losing out that stops us from making the right decisions. We always want to be on the winning side not minding if we are truly learning our lessons or not.

It is important to know that true success doesn’t come from cutting corners. True success is a result of deliberate efforts and learning from your mistakes, no matter how long it takes.

Making the best decisions for yourself only becomes easier if you don’t see every set back as a knockout.

If you don’t let your past mistakes define you.

Our experiences often get in the way when we make decisions. We don’t easily forget what our mistakes cost us in the past. We hold on to the pain and the regrets of what happened not because we haven’t forgiven ourselves, but we just may not know how to bounce back after receiving a really hard hit.

Making the right decisions only become possible when we heal from our mistakes and choose to move on.

Your mistakes are not meant to define who you are.