This Is What Thinking Like A Billionaire Means

As a man thinks, so he is!

You may not have observed that your state of mind and your thought process play an important role in getting you to achieve your goals, but it does. Much more than you think. Your perception is directly proportional to your class in life.

We all want to be successful. Become millionaires and billionaires but it seems there is an invincible obstacle standing in our way.

That obstacle is simply the way we think.

A successful person sees the world in a different way from the way an average person sees it. I’m not saying becoming a billionaire is a walk in the park. But if you will have any chance of getting there, you have to begin by seeing the world differently.

You need to become more obsessed with what you do.

Most of the books and articles I have read emphasize the need to follow your passion in order to be very successful in life. Asides being passionate about your goals, you also need to be obsessed with success. It is your obsession that drives you when your passion isn’t enough to take you to your desired destination.

Get to that point where you defile everything. Where you go against all odds. Let other people around you confirm that you are truly crazy about what you do. Then you will be sure you are on the right track.

 You have to see opportunities where others seek to protect themselves

The Rich are constantly searching for opportunities where they can turn the money they have into far more riches.

As I stated earlier, much of your triumphs in life came from your mentality at that given time. And as such, much of the success you will have in life will depend on how you think about money, how you spend your time and your definition of success itself.

There are ways that the rich approach these things that are different from the regular person.

Even in the event of a cash flow emergency, the rich refuse the nickel and dime thinking of the poor. Rather than shrinking from fear and making business decisions aimed at shielding themselves, the rich only see countless opportunities, even admits crisis situations.

They are masters at concentrating and channeling their mental energy on what matters most: on the bigger money.

Focus on investments rather than savings

The Rich do not focus their interest on how much money they have saved for retirement. They simply invest far more than they save because they understand that money multiplies when it is exchanged.

While the Middle and lower class focus on savings. World class focuses on earning. For billionaires, more money is just another means; it is never the end goal.

The rich simply use money as a tool for greater achievements.


Time is the greatest luxury

The rich get whatever they want when they want it. Because more money affords you more options, but even people like Mark Zuckerberg understand the value of time. It simply means spending your time engaging in awe-inspiring experiences and achieving as much satisfaction and joy out of the time you have.

Part of the preparations of becoming a billionaire is to start incorporating these values into your daily life, even before you hit billionaire status, you can begin by concentrating on the positive and reducing the stresses in your life.


Your years of persistent practice is what will always count

Author and speaker Tony Robbins said, “People are rewarded in public for what they’ve practiced for years in private.”

If you want to one day think like a billionaire, you must sharpen and perfect your expertise, daily.  Learning must be an everyday discipline in other to become a master.