3 Reasons Why You Are So Unhappy With Your Career

Having a happy and successful career is not what a lot of people think it is. It goes far beyond speaking proper grammatical sentences and wearing nicely ironed suits with cute cufflinks. It is more than carrying a notepad to every meeting so you can have that smart and confident look.

Having an enviable career is actually dependent on how honest you are with yourself and the challenges you face every single day at work.

There will be times when nothing makes sense and moments when you will feel tied to a spot. There will be days when your strength will fail to carry you. You feel like the only progress you are making is downwards. But that shouldn’t tie you down.

It is a reality faced by everyone. Even huge success stories had slow days. You won’t always be in a bubbling mood and that’s fine too. It is all part of the job.


Your happiness is determined by how much you succeed

When it comes to being happy, it isn’t something that you earn once and for all. As life goes on, your happiness is something you have to constantly work at. You have to guard what makes you happy and make sure you don’t lose it.

Having established that, you have to understand that your job is a two-way street. You could succeed today and fail the next day.

When I got a new job at a design firm, I was full of energy. I would come to work early and very excited. I wanted to share all the new ideas I had. I had developed new strategies and effective ways to acquire more clients and make more profit.

But after a few months, I become a bit tired of proffering solutions to problems which were failing. All I saw were the same challenges over and over and it just made me feel so helpless.

But I realized that even if I changed my job at the time when I felt so discouraged, I would face the same challenges where ever I went. So I decided to deal with it.

That is exactly what you need to do. There will be times when you will be happy and times when you will be unhappy. It won’t come easy but you just have to deal with it.


You don’t express yourself

It doesn’t matter the kind of job you do, whether you are a creative or not, you will have to be free enough to express yourself.

Most of the time you are unproductive, you are either bored of having the same routine or you are not given the freedom to say what you think. This can be solved by switching roles which will help reboot your happiness at work.

Learn to tell your colleagues you don’t like their ideas politely. Some people will like your honesty and others won’t be able to stand you. That’s fine!

You don’t have to be rude to be honest with your clients. Stop telling them what they want to hear when it’s impossible.

You work too hard

There have been a lot of times I’ve encountered people who work their butt off all year round but have nothing to show it. They can’t afford to pay their bills let alone take a vacation. I used to think it was so cool to spend hours on your job. I saw it as a sign of dedication and commitment.

Now that I know better, I see it as a very big problem.

If you find yourself working long hours every day without taking a break, there could be something wrong. You’re either unproductive, preoccupied or under-resourced. Productivity is the opposite of working long hours. You wouldn’t have to work hard if you worked smart.