5 Qualities Of Your True Friends In Business

We have so many people we call friends.

Those we grew up with from childhood, our neighbours and family friends. And those we met as we became more advanced in life.  Some we refer to as close friends, others, distant friends.

Somehow all these people fall under the same disguise. We believe they all have our best interest at heart.

But only when it gets to your work and the value you offer are their true identities revealed.

Often we make costly mistakes when we go out of our way to ensure we help them. But when it comes down to the support we need to grow in our pursuits, it’s almost like they don’t even exist.

It’s time we all drew a clear line between friends and opportunists and if you ask me, I will say it isn’t so complicated after all.

Your friends know the value of your work

Sure they will ask you for some favours but they will not abuse the privileges they have.

A true friend will respect what you do. It doesn’t matter if you own an office in the most expensive location in town or you work from the basement of your home.

It wouldn’t matter if your business is a small startup company or a multi-billion dollar company.  He or she will first see the value you offer and respect what you stand for.

Your friends will trust you to do a good job.

The kind of friends you should keep around you as far as your work is concerned are people who can vouch for you. They should have confidence in your abilities.

As a matter of fact, they should be your first clients. Not because there aren’t better people who are experts at the job you do but because they are willing to give you an opportunity. A chance to rise to the challenge and be the best there is.

Your friends will pay you

As funny as that sounds, it is actually the most distinguishing factor between friends and foes. This is my take on the issue. I don’t care if you hate me. As long as you pay me; you become my best friend. It is that simple.

If a person is truly your friend as he or she claims to be, they will pay you every last dime. They wouldn’t want to owe a penny and most importantly they wouldn’t want a free job.

Your friends will respect every agreement surrounding your work

I wrote a quotation once for a friend and the events that followed were just hilarious.

First off, she didn’t think she needed to respond to the email despite the fact that it was the company’s email address that the quotation was sent through.  She called me instead, you know as ‘friends’ would.

She never agreed to sign any papers showing any agreements that would compel her to pay the actual price of the service she wanted me to offer.

In a nutshell, she wanted a formal job and a complete package but she wanted an informal arrangement, completely off the records. So I turned down the job politely and concentrated on more serious clients.

Frankly, I am glad things turned out the way they did because after what happened, I really knew where to place her.

Your true friends will give you a second chance

It may be hard to get a second chance after you screw up the first but trust me when I say, it isn’t impossible. That is what happens when a person believes in you.

They don’t just write you off. They stay with you till you get it right.

Choose your friends well. They matter!