5 Reasons You Haven’t Made The Best Decisions For Yourself

Often times in life we get to certain crossroads. Where we have to make decisions that either make us or destroy what we have already built.

In our confusion and panic, we feel incapacitated and that leads us into believing other people are in a better position to make those crucial choices for us.

It could simply be because they have better financial stability or the relationship we have with them gives them the upper hand.

Well, it doesn’t!

No one gets to have the higher votes in your life regardless of what the circumstances may be. That shouldn’t be a right you are willing to relinquish.

Rich or poor, you own your life and the moment you begin to doubt your place is the same moment everybody is going to shove their opinions down your throat.

You let your relationships with others decide

When someone is important to you, that means he or she has the power to influence the decisions you make.

Though it depends on how willing you are to give in, you still can’t deny that such a window exists and as such, you can be manipulated.

For some people, that window is their parents; others might be friend or business partners.

All these people will try to tell you who you should become and how to go about it. If you are not careful, you will do whatever they say because you love them and they have always told you they know what is best for you.

Maybe they do or maybe they don’t.

Truth is you will never become a person of your own until you are willing to break out of their comfort. It’s their comfort but it’s your cell.

You haven’t been asking questions

Success isn’t about knowing less.

Success comes from having the right information and using it wisely. How can you know more if you are not willing to ask?

Not asking good or enough questions can have an unswerving impact on the quality of choices we make. It’s the asking that can assist us in gaining greater insight. We find more modern solutions and make better decisions with the right information. So get ready to ask more questions, and be open to the answers.

You will be surprised at how much you will learn.

You let your fears take the lead

I have always said that your fears are only an impediment when they exist in your mind.

The thought of fear is the obstacle. Once you come face to face with your fears, they instantly become a gift.

You will agree with me that being independent is a frightful thing to do. But again that’s exactly what you need to reach your goals. If you can’t get over your fear, then you can’t get over defeat and failure.

If you can clinch to your fear and use it to your advantage then you can get the things you want out of life.

You don’t want to do anything on your own

Before any decision is made, you require logic and reason. But acting on those decisions requires the right emotion, confidence not self- doubt. You need to figure out your life on your own.

Success is about having the guts to set sail even if you are the only one on the ship. It’s all about acting on what others call inadequate information.

Either you stand up to the fact that you are good enough for what you want or you get ready to be tossed around all your life.

You being dependent on everyone else but yourself will only rob you of your worth.