4 Success Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid On Social Media

If being successful is as easy as they make it seem then we all will have no story to tell.

There are so much deception and misdirection on social media. Often I wonder if success will become less appealing if we all just shared our true stories of how we failed and still fail sometimes but how we get up, dust ourselves off the ground and keep going.

What will happen if we stopped keeping up appearances on Instagram and our Facebook bios became more truthful?

Maybe, just maybe we will help reduce the level of desperation in the lives of startups and individuals who try just a few times more than once but they are already tired and ready to quit.

You can’t blame them when all they see is;

Money magically raining down from the skies

Just this afternoon, I had a conversation with a friend who was terribly concerned about his inability to find investors. It seemed so hard to get just a few people who believe in his business and are willing to risk their money to invest.

As I watched him, I thought to myself; nobody wants to see or hear this part of the story. Everybody just wants to believe that there is no need to panic.

Well, that may be true for some privileged few but not all the time.

Getting into a business entails you preparing for the dry seasons and for the tears that flow down uncontrollably when the frustration kicks in.

I am not saying you should become a pessimistic entrepreneur but don’t also believe that it is a walk in the park as you see portrayed in every post online.

All you need is an idea to make it big

First off, there is really nothing hidden under the sun. You may have a great idea and someone out there might just happen to have a similar idea.

What happens when the other person launches the idea before you, yours automatically becomes stale.

So this is my honest advice. Don’t just have one idea. Have three or more. You may say ideas are hard to come by but we create problems every day as humans. So think of more than one way of solving every problem.

It’s a tough world to penetrate. Be armed. Stay prepared and flexible enough to improve on your ideas.

You will always be the best at what you do

This is a funny notion if you ask me. Like I pointed out earlier, there are few original discoveries in the world right now. Every new product or improved service is a consolidation of a prior knowledge.

What I am saying, in essence, is a person can only remain the best when he or she moves with the trend.

Be innovative or become relegated to the background in your field. You need to keep changing else you become outdated in no time.

You will be loved by everyone

This is one misconception most people have when setting out as entrepreneurs. They feel success will make everyone your friend and you will have zero adversities. Wrong!

A successful business gets you all kinds of friends in a large network. This includes partners and admirers of all sorts. There are also people who are loyal to you and others who just pretend to be loyal.

What you must not forget is the fact that a successful business also comes with competitors, people who have intentions of running you down at any given opportunity.

So while you sip your glass of champagne and party hard. Remember to stay focused on the bigger picture.


Being successful isn’t about spending lavishly on what you don’t need just to impress people who know nothing about you. It is about being disciplined to grow to greater heights.