This Is How A Girl Wants To Have Sex

I am a girl and that means something to me.

It means I am gentle and caring. Sometimes, it means I am gullible. I believe what you tell me even when it is sugarcoated nothingness.

So go ahead, open your mouth and let the words flow endlessly. Just don’t tell me I am beautiful. I hear that a lot already. You should be more careful and more artistic with your words.

What you will do with your hands and your tongue only lingers for a few days but the words you whisper in my ears stay with me. Eventually, these words define what sex means to me. These words become a part of me.

I love to think I am wanted not to be controlled but to be pleased. That shouldn’t be too much to ask considering the fact that we are in this pleasure quest together.

This is not a power struggle for me

I want what I want the way I want it.

Don’t tell me it isn’t normal for me to call the shots. Some jargons about someone getting off on the “doing” while the other, I am asked to believe, gets off by relinquishing all rights to control.

Or that the man should be dominantly pleased and I should enjoy sex by constantly faking an orgasm because the man’s ego shouldn’t be bruised.

My emotions shouldn’t be bruised either. I shouldn’t endure absurd positions so you can feel content.

It won’t be the worst idea to study me first

It’s far more than clothes flying in all directions. This is far more than the fore-play you think nobody beats you at and the continuous thrusting after the actual penetration.

I want to be studied like an encyclopedia but the same interest you would give a cheque you are about to cash.

Study me from the hair strands springing out of every pore on my head to the sole of my feet. Don’t worry I am willing to help with the inner calculations within the narrow edges and the bent corners. The best part of the whole deal is I won’t charge you a dime.

But after all, is said and done, I wouldn’t want to be judged for being who I am and letting you in on me.

It wouldn’t hurt to prep a little

I spent a considerable amount of time in the wash so I could scrub out every dirt form on my skin. The sweet cologne you smell on every inch of my body is a random act of kindness that you should reciprocate too.

The hours spent in the saloon just so my hair gets the right smooth feel you want when you stroke it and so my nails are neat and sharp enough to scratch your back so you know exactly how much satisfaction you give me wasn’t an accident.

The least you can do is brush your teeth so I don’t have to endure the odour coming from the countless bottles of alcohol you had gulped down and still pretend you are such an excellent kisser.

Do something for me too as I have so kindly done for you. Read a book on the pleasures of a woman or watch a clip on YouTube.

But don’t ever think that all girls are the same. We might have the same features but we don’t all enjoy the same tricks.

I want to be respected

I demand to be respected.

If you do not care about me and respect me in bed when we are at our most intimate, and we are most vulnerable then I don’t see where else I can earn your respect.