You Already Have All It Takes To Be Successful

The world is a tricky place and if you are not careful you could spend your whole life wishing you had something while others are busy creating it for themselves.

You may not have all the wealth, the freedom, the influence and the power you want to have right now but you sure have all it takes to go get them.

I am writing this to the dreamer, who dreams during the day and at night. Your dreams won’t take you anywhere except you wake up.

Unlike planning, actually learning a skill and working hard at maximizing every opportunity that comes your way, wishing and fantasying gets you nowhere.

You’ve got to stop wishing you have what it takes to succeed and start devising any means necessary to be successful.

No part of your body defines who you are

I wish I had the face that could keep every man on his knees, desperate to have me, but I don’t. I’m stuck with a round face, a pair of excessive cheeks that completely hide my ears and a head that is probably too small compared to the rest of my body. It sucks sometimes but hey! That’s my face.

I scrub it every morning; apply face moisturizers and protecting creams. Apply makeup to the best of my knowledge and wear a wide smile. It may not be the money –making face but that face is what gives who I am an identity. The best I can ever do is love it.

I could either use my face to my advantage or let it stand in my way.

Sometimes that part of you which you are always conscious of and always trying to hide isn’t as terrible as you think it is.

Your large feet don’t define you, neither do your squint eyes or bowed legs. They are simply a part of you. You need to embrace who you are. Caring too much only stops you from reaching better heights.

Your little qualifications don’t mean that you will not become successful

The world we live in doesn’t care which school you got your degree from. Or what your grades were if you can’t use all that knowledge in solving a single problem.

I look at so many people just struggling to get back to school for a second and a third degree.

It’s a quest I admire honestly because I love being taught and learning new information too.

But the question I always ask myself is how well have I utilized the knowledge I already have?

Success doesn’t come by how many certifications you have. Success comes from having innovative ideas that make life easier. It may be just an idea and that will be all you require to get your big break.

Start with that little tiny idea because well that’s what you have and guess what? It’s enough already.

Identify your strengths then build new strengths

I never loved mathematics. When I was in high school even the simplest forms of algebra made me feel worthless. So I struggled to pass math until I didn’t have to anymore.

On the other hand, I loved anything that had to do with reading all kinds of text and writing. I literally worshiped the alphabets as I saw them transform from mere letters to sounds and then into beautiful words.

I knew I had found my strength but I didn’t stop there. I searched for new fields which I also turned out to be strong in like design and programming. But I am not done yet. I will keep searching and conquering new fields as much as my interest takes me there.

Don’t ever let anything you don’t succeed at make you feel like there is nothing else you can do.


You have an amazing ability. You just have to figure out what it is!