This Is What Every Girl Should Look for In A Man

After all is said and done most girls cannot specifically tell what they expect from the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Apart from the usual phrase “tall, rich and handsome’ used to suggest the ideal man, 90% of the girls who walk the streets looking like they are ready to handle any man have no clue what to expect in a relationship.

Before you jump to a conclusion I am not talking about every girl’s needs in general. The usual needs such as financial security, a car to ride round down, a credit card to shop online and offline and every other criterion on the girl’s countless list!

I’m referring to your own needs as a unique individual. Believe it or not, you have certain needs that must be met if your relationship will stand a chance. Mind you, the search for a true soul mate can only be completed when those needs are fully met.

 You need a man who takes responsibility for your emotions

An emotionally stable man is always gold. You need a man who takes responsibility for your emotions and in order to do that his emotions have to be well taken care of. Someone dependable who doesn’t get weary of you.

If you can’t rely on your partner, who else will you bug with all your needs?

Being women we handle a lot of stress and from experience, I can tell you that women are more likely to break down quickly compared to men. No offense intended it’s just who we are.

Women are naturally soft creatures and for that reason having all the support you need will definitely keep you afloat no matter what.

You need a man who makes fewer excuses

It’s a tough world, we all agree but a man has got all it takes to conquer and rule. A man is built with some resistance to deal with everyday setbacks without waving. You don’t want a crybaby who gives up at the site of any obstacle. He is meant to take the lead for god’s sakes.

It doesn’t matter how slow his progress may seem. As long as he doesn’t blame his failures on the weather, a family curse or the government, he is worth a shot.

Look out for the smart ones

We live in a smart age.Successful people no longer work as hard anymore. They simply work smart. You need a man who studies and understands the times.

A man who knows when to invest and when to save. A lover of knowledge and skill. Someone who knows how to evolve with the times. That’s the kind of man you should keep.

You will never go hungry with such a man.

Search for a man who is secure

Being insecure can be caused by external factors such as cheating or emotional abuse. Usually, insecurities caused by such factors are easily tackled compared the insecurity that springs up from within such as low-self esteem and self- insufficiency. Such men will never feel enough for you and that thought in itself is very dangerous.

A man who doesn’t struggle with jealousy, overreactions, toxicity, clinginess or anxiety will be a good place to start. You are not in your relationship for endless psychological sessions.

Your man should add variety to your life

He doesn’t have to love the same things you love. Not your kind of food nor your drinks. You both don’t have to look like twins just to prove you are together.

What matters most is you accepting each other’s differences and seeing the fun and beauty that learning from each other brings. Love isn’t meant to change the person you are with. It is meant to bring out the best in a person despite his flaws.