These 5 Tips Will Make Reading A lot Less Boring

We live in a world where you don’t get to decide if you want to read or not. You won’t be able to stand the competition or develop yourself unless you are willing to put in some effort into flipping through the pages of a book or two.

Most times we do not have the patience to read. We start off strong but dump the book after the third page.

I hope these few advice will get you reading in no time.

You need to know the kind of books you want to read

You don’t just pick any book off the shelf. You are not trying to get discouraged. You want to make reading a habit. Something you want to always do. So your first lesson is picking the book. You need to find topics that are very interesting to you. It could be a line of business you love or an autobiography of one of your favorite mentors. Make sure you love the topics you pick.

Get books with good content. They deliver a message that stands on its own. When you read books with good content, the style of writing only needs to be good enough to allow you to follow through. Books with good craft also keep you engrossed. It’s like the pages are calling out to you.


Read and implement what you have read immediately

Reading only becomes fun when you actually practice what you are reading. When you read and just keep compiling the information it just leads to so much procrastination.

I started my own company two years ago. Before setting up anything I told myself I needed all the information I could lay my hands on. So I began to read. I read so many books on marketing and entrepreneurship and customer relations and sales. I read success stories and what makes your brand stand out and how your business could stand the test of time.

But I noticed that when it came to decision-making, the biggest impact I had was just doing it. I learnt firsthand from my own experience.

At some point, reading and having all the information was just a big distraction from doing the real jobs. Trust me you’ll get a lot further when you just go along on your own without any books.

It’s a fact successful people read a lot. But you have to understand that reading isn’t the secret to success. Make what you read your own.  It’s time to stop being the learner.

A book is perfect only when the timing is right

Maybe you pick up a certain book and the content is great but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get around to reading it. At such times, the timing for reading that book is not right. In other words, you are just not ready for it.

Read books that you can relate to. It’s actually easier when the particular book you are reading speaks to your situation.

Bear in mind that no writing can be totally objective

Every time you open a book, you stand a great risk of being influenced by the writer. It is very crucial to remind yourself at all times that these writers are people too just like you. They have their viewpoints and so it will be wise to be careful what you read.

No matter your opinions, you will find writers who agree with you and those who will disagree. There are feminist writers and there are writers who write out of hurt. You could come across self-sabotaging writers. You can find irritated writers, sexist writers, depressed writers, writers from all fields of life. They could all have really strong and convincing facts but their opinions don’t have to be yours.

You get to decide what you want to accept and hold on to.

Have fun!