7 Lessons For Success From The TV Series: The Walking Dead

Have you seen the walking dead? The post-apocalyptic horror series about a world that is about to be overrun by zombies. The hit TV show is more about the living than the dead though as people try to retain their sanity in a world where life is fleeting. Here are some take home lessons for success in this TV series.

You have to learn to make those hard decisions

Most decisions that would drive you towards desirable goals are hard ones. You cannot be indecisive if you want to attain success. In The Walking Dead leader of the group, Rick has had to make tough decisions from dealing with people within his group and abandoning strangers because he had to protect his own.

You have to find your own

Success is all about people. To succeed you have to find like-minded people who will motivate you to achieve your goals. It is not about quantity but about quality, and such collective strength could play a vital role in helping you find your focus after all.

In The Walking Dead while it is important to survive and avoid zombie attacks, what really helps Rick and his group is that they are like-minded and willing to support each other.

Leadership is key

To attain success, you will need leadership skills. It can be a tough journey but when you see yourself as a master of your own fate, the obstacles become easier to overcome. There will be difficult situations, just like with Rick who has to speak positively to his team members even when the chips are down, you have to see the good even in dire times.

Your enemies are within

Most times, the battles that would define your journey is from within. “Fight the dead, but fear the living.” This is the tagline of the series. And with this you would understand that unlike the living dead, human beings have complex motivations. Within your group or closes persons you would find those who lie, cheat, steal and betray simply to slow you down. Being able to sniff any negative behavior within your close friends or family could protect you from short and long-term disaster.

Build connections

Critical to becoming successful is learning to build trust and connections. You won’t attain more goals if you don’t learn to build relationships and trust. When it comes to winning you have to understand how essential relationships are. In The Walking Dead interactions with each other helps them to understand each other and fight off the zombies.

Kindness will help you identify your goals

What do you really want? What are those things that are really important to you? It all comes down to kindness and how much compassion you feel for others. When you show kindness you would be valued by your community and support will be given to you. Sometimes sharing your feelings with others or listening to them helps you analyze a situation critically and fight off discouragement.

Rick shows empathy and kindness for every member of his group. This helps them to survive and become stronger as a unit.

We learn everyday

Success is a journey. It doesn’t happen instantly. You have to learn every day as you adapt to different situations. For Rick’s group, meeting strangers and zombies helps them to adapt better. They may not know how tomorrow will turn out, they certainly know better how to deal with their fears!