4 Ways To Avoid Living A Sad And Lonely Life

Over a period of time, our minds and bodies accumulate an amount of stress that we need to shake off. The stress we feel could be mental, physical and sometimes psychological. As we go through our daily routines these stress levels keep increasing.

When we fail to reduce our stress levels to the lowest minimum it results in a lot of sadness and in worst case scenarios, it could lead to depression.

We have people that will always want to fold their arms while we get busy doing their dirty jobs. It’s a process in our lives that we have to pass through. People have a habit of demanding so much from you and even when you meet their demands, they are hardly satisfied.

You can’t run away from these demands. Your boss at work may stress you.  Your family may expect you to give up your dreams and live to please them. Your husband may ask you to give up a career you have worked all your life building to raise his kids.

The whole world will want you to only do what they say. But doing what people say will only lead you to a life of regrets.

So here is how to stay happy and still live your life for you despite all these pressures and expectations.

Plan a getaway

It may be a trip outside your house or a sleep-over at a friend’s house. Better still, you could go for a fun night once in two weeks or once in a month. It depends on how well you plan your schedule. But whatever you do, make sure you get away.

Get away from the noise and complaints. Get away from the constant hustle and find some peace.

Fall in love

Being in love has a way of helping you to shut the world out. When you love someone, it feels like you are the only two people left in the whole world.  That thought is very liberating because you actually find rest from all your worries when you are with the person you love.

All I am saying is let someone take the burden off you. Preferably someone who helps you relax. But don’t stop there. Go on wild dates and crazy adventures. Have long nasty make outs. Make love in ridiculous places.  Live outside this world for a while so when you return, you will be prepared to bear all your responsibilities.

Know that you will have to make certain sacrifices for the people you love

I find that when you are aware of something before it happens, it actually prepares your mind into accepting the situation however it may come. So just start getting warmed up for all the frustrating situations you will have to encounter. But also bear in mind that nothing last forever.

Someone had to miss a date to stay home and babysit you. It’s a circle. You will do the same for your nephews and nieces and other random kids.  Don’t let it get to you. See it as a way of giving back to humanity.

Eat very delicious food

Food has a way of rewarding you. After a very tasty meal, there is that feeling of satisfaction for a job well done. A very delicious meal results in a very awesome feeling. In the same way, a horrible meal just leaves you feeling awful.

So don’t hold back. Give yourself treats as much as you can. You need to feel on top of the world most of the time so you can withstand all the challenges you will face.

You may not be a superhuman but the feeling of being superhuman helps you get through a lot of hardship.

Please no one

Even if you lay down on the floor for people to walk on you, they will still complain that you are not flat enough. Be yourself and the world will have no choice but to adjust to it.