Why You Shouldn’t Get Too Attached to Anything

Truth be told there is so much we want out of life. We want to live longer, we want to have more possessions, we want to be loved and accepted, we want to travel to beautiful places and more. The problem is that how can you want so much out of something that is not guaranteed. Yes, the time we spend is borrowed and nothing is certain, nothing is fair, and we can be victims of misfortunes anytime.

Nothing lasts forever

And that is the truth – people will come and go, things will come and go, and there is so little you can hold on to. It all comes down to how we build our perspective about life and on the things we acquire. Rather than react to life uncertainties, we should start learning to respond to them.

You really came with nothing

You didn’t come to this world with a fancy house, car or with jewelry. As humans, we came with nothing. We really didn’t have anything to our name as we started the journey.

It could all go away

No one really owes you anything. Anything that is owned or acquired could be taken away. Stunning right! But that is how the game of life goes.

But there is joy in appreciating every moment

When you don’t get too attached to anything, you learn to start living in the moment. You learn to appreciate those little things that could make a difference, those little things that count. Perhaps it is watching the sunrise or sunset and taking a pause to perceive the smell of the roses. Getting too attached makes you overlook the tiny details that could be making a difference.

You build a better attitude

I have a cousin who is blind. He worries not about his pain. He has learned to deal with his shortcomings and rise from it. You may not understand the failures or woes that surround you, but you can have a better attitude to deal with them. So you really do not need to ask why me? or what if? You simply build a better attitude and can deal with shortcomings better.

There is wisdom in letting go

Perhaps you are heartbroken about that person who hurt you, or you lost a job that put food on your table, there is strength in letting go. Indeed, it is a better option than being petty and trying to fight for what is lost. There is wisdom in knowing that you would find something or someone else. There is nothing worth dying for.

You have all you need

You have all you need right now. You have hope, you have joys, you have faith, you have love in your heart. And you may hold on to these things since you own them. You may not have everything the world puts an overwhelming price tag on, but you have you. That could be all you need to reach your next goal.


Even what is lost can be found. And what is found can be lost. There is no point being a victim of circumstances and the fear it brings. There is strength in being calm and waiting for your next moment. When you approach the world with a more dynamic attitude, you conquer and attain more goals that you desire after all.