This Is For Those That Are Yet To Find Their Way

A girl walked up to me today and said she had been given admission into the university to study archaeology and she was wondering if she should study the course.

What surprised me was that the bigger question in her mind wasn’t if she was interested in spending four years of her life to read archaeology.  It was if the course was a lucrative course or not. She was completely clueless about where she could work if she had a degree in archaeology.

I gave her a brief description of the course but while I was doing that, something became very obvious to me. Though it is hard to believe, it is true that most of the people we see around us have no idea why they do what they do.

They just get busy to make ends meet and not stay idle. Unknown to most people living in this present age, working has transformed into something far greater than something you do just to pay the bills.

Most times, a lot of people don’t actually go for what they are interested in, not because they don’t want to but because they are ignorant of what their interest are.

And here I was thinking that knowing what your interests are is the easiest thing to do. It may have been easy for some people, but most people struggle with figuring it out.

Finding your way through life especially your career choices isn’t something you do absent-mindedly. Those decisions cannot be taken lightly or overnight.

I’m writing this to the privileged ones because that is who you are. You have every information at your fingertips. You have time and you have energy. There is absolutely nothing stopping you.

You are not on the wrong path

Anyone you see at the top of his or her game now was once like you. They were confused, completely clueless and most times they were afraid to try.

They wanted to give up too, but they didn’t. So just hang in there a little longer and keep making little efforts time after time. You will be surprised at how far you will come.

You will find your way but you need to start now

The earlier the better!  It’s never too early to be on fire and make remarkable impacts. You can only do more with more time on your hands. This is the time to concentrate on yourself because you have fewer responsibilities.

Waste no more time in finding that spark that comes to you naturally. Explore it and discover new fields to soar.

Make mistakes but choose your mistakes wisely

The society expects us to stick to the norm. We were told that the surest way to success was within the confines of a classroom. But we soon discovered how untrue that was. We learned the best lessons by taking up challenges no one ever thought we could.

We saw that the world had so much more to offer when we broke the rules and made our mistakes. You will find your path by trying out many things. Whatever you decide to try out, just make sure your heart is there.

You choose your job. It doesn’t choose you.

You are not at the mercy of any employer as you have been made to believe. The truth is you have more options than most people tell you. Your employers want you to see limited options so you feel that without them you can’t achieve anything. The fact is you achieve more on your own.

I’m not saying don’t get a job. You should get one. One that challenges and fascinates you and gives you the skills you need to be your own boss.


Don’t forget to have fun in the process of finding who you are.