How Your Sex Drive Could Define Your Success

People always shy away from discussions related to sex. Perhaps they think it is personal or controversial. They simply want to keep away from such topics because our society stares down on open discussions about sex. But when it comes to attaining those goals you desire, your sexual drive could be what makes or mar you from unlocking your potential.

According to Napoleon Hill, “Sex desire is the most powerful of human desires. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it.”

Here is why your sex drive could be what defines your success.

Your sexual energy is a powerful energy

Your desire for intimacy with someone else has the potential to help you create life through procreation, maintain health and create exceptional moments. Your sexual energy if unlocked and directed towards your career ambition could take you to grand heights and immense success. In other words, if your sexual energy is diverted into something creative you would be able to create your masterpiece. Your sexual energy should be transformed and you would be able to unleash your potential.

The best motivation you can get

Whether it is literature, music, technology, the woman or sexual partner can be a driving force to helping you create true art or inventing something new. Finding someone you love can push you to becoming the best version of yourself. It motivates and drives you to think smarter and more creatively. It requires passion to create something magical. This is why sex could be that secret element since it is borne out of a pleasurable activity.

Sex has a way of engaging the mind, pushing you to new found pleasures and could be the inspiration you need to achieve your next career goals.

The fuel you need for innovative thinking

During orgasm, chemicals like oxytocin is released throughout the body, this hormone relaxes you and makes you feel closer to your partner. Oxytocin is one hormone that enables cognitive flexibility pathways, enhances your problem solving skills and fosters creative thinking. A poor sex life has a negative way of impacting other areas of your life. People with an active sexual life are not simply more productive, but they radiate, are more positive, and more energetic.


Delaying your gratification

There is power when you can delay gratification and discipline yourself when it comes to sexual satisfaction. This is supported by several studies and expert journals. While we live in a world where instant gratification is the hallmark of the day it takes mastery to determine what you want after it is delayed. You don’t need to live in fear or procrastination, but you can attain what you want after you have paid the price of waiting for and earning it.


The power of your thoughts

Control your mind. Feed it what is right. Be positive about those things you want. Positive and negative thoughts cannot occupy the mind at the same time. So determine what you really want and feed your mind with constructive emotion.


The principle of sexual transmutation shows how physical connections can help us advance for success. Whether it is the personal connections you have with family or the professional one you have with a mastermind group of colleagues, you are nourished with a sexual energy that can be converted into something positive. Don’t be afraid of your sexual drive, you have to learn to embrace it. Use this energy, mold it how you want and transmit it back to the world.