Stop Trying to Figure it Out – Live one Day At a Time

It’s a slow day; the weather isn’t helping at all. It’s hot and humid. The kind of weather that makes you want to strip and walk naked. Actually, the only thing stopping me from going nude is my faith.

I wake up and drag my body off my bed at 7:25 am. I knew the day was going to be this slow and I knew I was going to love every bit of it.

While everyone in my house struggled to join the rush hour, I watched in amusement. Something tells me that this is not the kind of life I was made for and I totally agree.

I eat something light and head out but not without a complete make-up on my face which takes nothing less than an hour. A luxury not many girls can afford but I know one truth; looking good is always an asset.

I get to work at 10:30 am. I am early as usual.

I set my laptop on my table and open it but my brain has a different opinion. It wants to be entertained instead of doing all the work.

I call it a bluff and I go ahead to boot my computer.  Four hours later, I am still unable to construct a single sentence. That’s when it hits me, there will be days like this and all I can do is enjoy them.

I am saying the same to you. Live every day as it comes!

There will be rainy days and sunny days

On rainy days, make sure you don’t miss a cup of hot coffee or tea. You deserve it! If it’s a sunny day, ensure you go for a swim and enjoy the warmth and comfort that every sun shine brings.

There are days you may feel like a failure

You look out the window and the whole world probably has all hands on deck. Everyone except you is working hard to figure out a solution to a big problem facing humanity. When you wake to such days, don’t feel insignificant. You are playing your part too by taking time off.

Make sure you find all the fun on your lazy days

I encourage you to work hard every day of your life but I also encourage you to find your lazy days somewhere in between those busy days. When you have a lazy day, don’t think about a single thing. Release your mind from the shackles of thought and just stay blank.

Find an environment that has no reminder of any of the things included in your daily routine. Stay there and don’t feel guilty about it for a second.

Going slow isn’t a bad thing, keep going

There will be days when everyone seems to be just a little more organized and more focused than you. Days when everyone is just a little bit faster than you. You try to walk at their pace but your limbs will have a mind of their own. Your legs will carry you around at their own pace and you shouldn’t contend with them.

Becoming a success takes some time

You won’t become successful in one day. There will be days when you will feel stagnant. You will feel let-down and unappreciated. There will be times when you will want to drop everything you have done and change your career. You may want to change your field completely and start all over.

It is on these days that you need to encourage yourself.

Stay disorganized if it’s your style.

You mustn’t work from 7 am to 5 pm to be taken seriously. Work when you can even it is at odd hours. You could create a schedule that suits you best.  You shouldn’t be strained into being someone you are not. Always do you no matter what.