What If The Price is Too High

There is always a price to pay. For the career you want, for the love and partner you desire, there is always a sacrifice you need to make for you to attain what you want. This is where the problem is, a lot of us want something more, a great body, a great partner, a great salary, but we are not simply willing to make that needed sacrifice.

But that is not the subject of this article. I am actually speaking to those who are willing to put in the work, but when they consider the price they simply become overwhelmed and laid back. It can be frustrating if you really want something and it seems so tall a task to earn it. The price for attaining something you love may be too high after all.

Is it truly worth it

That is the big question. Achieving your goals, setting out on that journey and reaching the peak, is it really worth it? This is always the big question. Is the reward sweeter than the effort required? The theme of this article is about your happiness. It can be so hurting in the long run not to focus on your relationships while you go out there chasing your career goals. It is always better to prioritize what is important to you and go for it. If you are chasing something, make sure it is worth the effort.

Not everything matters

Not a lot of things do. There are very few things we need to attain the happiness we desire. Not everything matters. There is so much clamor for more time, more space, more resources. Nothing seems to be enough. But to attain more goals that will make us happier, we should understand that not everything matters. Some things simply have to be ignored and frowned upon. Perhaps it is time to look at the bigger picture. It may not be worth the health troubles. Some peace of mind and calmness can go a long way to making you a better person.

Perspective defines our actions

No one is saying you shouldn’t push harder. No one is saying you shouldn’t dream bigger. However, it is important to know how enriching your actions can be. You may be getting more out of your relationships if you invest and commit more. You may discover Mr. or Mrs. Right if you work harder to become a better person. It simply comes down to your perspective and how you see what it entails to reaching a goal. Perspective at the end of the day defines our actions.

Letting go may be worth it after all

The butterfly could come to you if you don’t chase it. The hunt doesn’t always win the kill. Sometimes you have to prepare a bait to attract your desires. Letting go doesn’t mean you have lost interest, it may mean that you are strategizing more and applying less effort. There is nothing great about paying such a high price for something that can be gotten for less. If you have to let go, retreat or reposition to get more out of your energy or resources, please do. Saying no can help you adjust your perspectives and understand your purpose or direction.


Most times we are clouded with fear and doubts. What is so near can offer more than what is elusive. We all want more, and it requires giving more. Yes we have to learn to appreciate what we have sometimes. A little bit of thankfulness will help us understand that we don’t have to pay such a high price after all for those things we want. We just have to direct our energy and actions better.