Read This If You Feel You Are The Ugly Friend

“Sorry, we totally forgot about you, we figured that you don’t go out as often as we do but not too worry, we’ll invite you to the next party”!

That was exactly what they said after the last party and the one before that. It is slowly sinking into your head. You are not wanted. But you try all you can to fight it. You are the girl who gets all the apologies after a fun night. That’s your queue!

You knew you were the last person anyone would invite but you stayed up all night hoping for a change till you woke up the next morning, right in time for another apology.

You are that girl.

The one who hasn’t been kissed by a boy in school or at the park after all the lip-gloss you applied. Not even out of sheer luck. Curse that bottle! It clearly has no singular respect for your time or your feeling. It always ends up spinning to the girl sitting next to you.

The universe must be playing some tricks on you. All this while you blamed it on puberty but you are no longer flat-chest and it’s still the same story.

You are that girl who tries five times harder to be noticed by any guy even when you wear the brightest colours. You can’t help but feel invincible. It sucks so bad you’ll give anything to make it stop.

I am not writing this to console you. Though it should be a relief to know that you’re definitely not alone in this struggle. A lot of people have experienced that self-esteem blow more times than they can count.

We often feel beaten down and oppressed by ourselves without any help from anyone. After a while, we have to face our fears and move on.

This isn’t the time to sulk over your insecurities. This is the time to fall deeply in love with you. Perhaps that’s the only way to become truly pretty.

There will always be someone prettier

The world is a circle. Just like the sun rises and sets, beauty comes and fades at the same time. There will always be someone prettier than you are and someone prettier than the prettiest girl in school. Its life so you don’t have to beat yourself about it all the time.

It’s okay to be a work in progress. It’s no secret that building a great self-esteem is one thing that the human race has struggled with greatly. I know so many people who don’t do themselves justice. But you shouldn’t be part of those people. You should love yourself, it’s very healthy. Believe it when I say you are amazing!

Blame it on the cameras

There’s this particular feeling that you can’t deny when the phones and cameras at up for a selfie. Usually, that’s when the fun seizes for you. Everyone leans in for the shoot while you slide down because you always feel you will ruin the picture.

You shouldn’t let that get in your way of having a good time. There are so many filters right now. No one ever shows their real faces anymore so feel free to show who you are.

Photo-bomb every picture. Smile! Make a wide grin. Shout and throw your hands in the air. You laugh doesn’t have to be perfect. Whatever you do, don’t let the best moments of your life pass you by.

You will find love too

A lot of the guys out there are not as great as you think. No hard feelings guys!  Some of the people you will meet will make you feel really inadequate in every way. But never let anyone make you believe that you can’t be good enough.

Do not give these casual dudes more credit than they deserve. In reality, you’re not missing out on anything. You will meet that person who will make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world.

Hang in there!